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An art lens is any lens type with wide aperture characterized by a remarkable focal plane sharpness capable of producing images in exceptional color tones. Art lenses create the freedom to capture even the tiniest details from the background and the subject without a close-up shot. With the right tools and skillset, creatives can adequately optimize their artistic styles and creativity in a job well done. An art lens also helps a videographer add an emotional intensity that allows for creative expression in the video produced while maintaining iconic image quality.

Are Art Lens any special?

A lot of newbie creative videographers wonder, ‘what an art lens is‘ and why should they look out for one instead of a regular videography lens. The reason is straightforward.

Every video created is a work of art. However, some videos stand out more than others. While some creatives have years of experience, others have the right tool in addition to their skills. 

Art lenses offer the freedom to express one’s creativity and artistry styles in the video.

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Characteristics of the art lens

A typical art lens is produced with exceptional characteristics that distinguish it from others and its most significant selling point. 

Below are the remarkable features of an art lens;

  • Wide aperture. Art lenses are produced with high aperture f/1.2 – f/2.8 that delivers high-end resolution and image quality. In addition, with a large aperture, the lens is fit for any lighting condition, whether low or high.

  • Excellent focusing. They have an impeccable focusing system that aims to capture minor details about the subject.

  • Presence of low-dispersion elements. The lens applies low-dispersion elements coupled with the coatings on its body to reduce color aberration to the barest minimum. (1)

“Art lenses produce images that are so sharp; it looks like they are captured at a closeup range. These images are not only at their sharpest; there would be no color fringing about it.”

Why use an art lens in a video?

Now that we’ve covered “What is an Art lens?” and the defining features of one, next up let’s consider how best art lenses are applicable in videography.

Here are some of the benefits of using an art lens for video:

  • It is suitable for low-light shooting. Art lenses are often built with a wide aperture capable of providing extra form of illumination for shooting in dark settings.

  • High-end image quality. Compared to other lenses, art lenses produce the sharpest of images with fine detail. The wide aperture compliments shorter focal length. (2)

  • Great for handheld filming. Art lenses work well with image stabilization systems which correct blurs caused by camera shakiness. This is why they are great for hand-held shoots.

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F. A. Q

Both lenses produce high image quality. However, at the same focal length, an art lens performs better than a contemporary lens.

Yes, an art lens is suitable for shooting wedding videos. At an aperture of f/1.2-2.8, the lens captures beautiful moments during the wedding ceremony. Not only that, it can be used for dimly-lit halls or churches.


This piece, ‘What is an art lens?’ establishes that an art lens is a valuable lens for shooting detailed videography that artistically tells the producer’s story. This lens allows creatives to express their thoughts and emotions seamlessly while creating top-notch image quality.

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