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At those special moments when a live photo would be the perfect image captured, and instead, a video was recorded. Such instances can be pretty upsetting. But not so for people who know how to make a video into a live photo. With the right app, surely, this is possible. Want to learn how to turn a video into a live photo too? This piece solves it all.

What is a live photo?

A live photo is a moving photograph combining a few image frames set around the main image. It’s a sort of bridge between a video and a still picture (1), quite similar to a GIF but differs in function. 

The live photo concept is peculiar to the Apple iPhone brand but can also be used for specific purposes on other devices. For example, iPhones now can snap a live photo, a feature absent in android devices.

However, both iPhone and Android devices can use a live photo as a background on the device. And with the right app, users can as well create a live photo on an android device.

With that said, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of it all.

How to make a video into a live photo on iPhone

For iPhones, they come with the advantage of being able to shoot a live photo. When activated, the camera captures images 1.5 seconds before the main shot is taken and combines that with a few seconds of images after.

As such, live photos can be viewed in the device camera roll. When the live photo is long pressed, the recorded frames are displayed. The live photo can also be edited to change the main frame, add effects, and so on.

Even with all these impressive features of the iPhone, the makers haven’t incorporated a feature to turn a video into a live photo. Only third-party applications can perform this function for now.

To make a video into a live photo on an iPhone, here are some apps that can be used;

  • IntoLive
  • VideoToLive
  • Video to Live Photo Wallpaper

The best two options are IntoLive and VideoToLive. Both apps are free and easy to use; however, IntoLive is more popular. The only advantage VideoToLive has over it is that there’s no live photo duration restriction.

Using IntoLive

IntoLive is an excellent app for iPhones users who want to learn how to make a video into a live photo. It’s effective and doesn’t overload users with unwanted ads. The interface is also pretty smooth and easy to navigate.

Although some app features are locked in the paid pro version, the free would do just fine for the basic live photo requirements. The significant feature of the pro version is the increased time for live photos.

Anyways, let’s get to the gist.

Here are the steps to use IntoLive to make a video into a live photo:

  • First, download IntoLive from the apple store and install.
  • Launch the app and give access to the device photo library.
  • The app homepage shows media files arranged by file type; videos, photos, bursts, GIFs, and live photos.
  • Select the video to be made into a live photo, which launches the app’s editor.
  • On the editor page, there are options to add filters, change photo background, remove sound, change video speed, and some other features only available in the pro version.
  • Use the slider at the bottom to pick the part of the clip to be made into a live photo. Unfortunately, only five seconds of footage is allowed in the free version.
  • Choose the key photo to be used as the main live photo frame.
  • When all is done, tap Make at the top right to proceed.
  • Select how many times the live photo should repeat from the prompt.
  • Wait for the app to process the marked video clip into a live photo.
  • Select Save Live Photo once the process is completed. The live photo can be viewed from the IntoLive app or on the phone camera roll.

Quote box

To make the saved live photo as wallpaper on an iPhone, navigate to Settings > Wallpaper. Next, tap on Choose new wallpaper, then on Live photos. Next, choose the live photo and tap Set. It can be used as the lock screen, home screen, or both.

How to make a video into a live photo on Android

A live photo can only be used as a live wallpaper on an Android device. Live photos can’t be recorded on an android device, so they can’t be viewed in the media library. The live photo apps on androids only work to turn a video into a live wallpaper.

With that said, let’s check out the best live photo app on android.

Using TurnLive

For android users who also want to figure out how to make a video into a live photo, TurnLive is the best bet. The free app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and is easy to navigate. TurnLive is a live wallpaper application that turns videos into live photos used as backgrounds.

Here’s how to use TurnLive to make a video into a live photo:

  • First, install the TurnLive app, launch, and accept terms and services.
  • Tap the Live Photo icon at the bottom middle of the home page, which goes to the wallpaper maker page. Grant the app access to camera and photos.
  • Select the video to be used for a live photo from the media grid and tap Done at the top right to load the editor.
  • On the editor page, choose a 5-second video frame for the live photo and tap Next.
  • There are options to add filters and edit the image frame. The lightning bolt icon can also be used to change the video speed.
  • Once editing is completed, tap Next at the top right. Then, choose how many times the clip should repeat before processing.
  • The live photo is saved under the My Wallpapers heading on the app homepage.

To set the live photo as the device wallpaper;

  • Navigate to the live photo under the My Wallpapers section and tap Download.
  • Choose to clear preexisting wallpaper when the prompt appears. The app also requires permission to change system settings for this.
  • Tap on the Download icon again to clear the current wallpaper and install the live wallpaper.

Choose the suitable option between lock screen and home screen from the Daytime LWP prompt to finish the process.

F. A. Q

Yes, a live photo can be shared on Instagram and other social media apps from the IntoLive app.

Yes, a live photo can be used on an android device as a live wallpaper for the home screen, lock screen, or both.

Select the live photo and navigate to the Effects menu to make a live photo into a loop. The Loop option can be added from here. However, this feature is only available on iPhones.


Knowing how to make a video into a live photo is a cool trick that can pick and share interesting snippets from long videos, among several other live photo uses. Overall, it’s comforting to know that direct live photo shooting isn’t the only way to make a live photo.

Are there other cool ways to make a video into a live photo? Feel free to mention in the comments below.


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