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GoPro leads as the foremost, most sought action cam in the US market, with 2.8 million units shipped worldwide in 2020. And ever since September 2016, every GoPro cam from the Hero 5 has been voice-control enabled.    So it’s no surprise that the internet is continually flooded with searches about GoPro voice commands and how to use them. If you’re among those looking for a detailed, step-by-step process to understand how to get the best from a camera using the GoPro voice control, Search no more. This guide covers everything there is to know about GoPro cams.  So, shall we?

Benefits of Enabling GoPro Voice Commands?

Voice control is sweeping through the IT industry, which is the leading sector dictating global transformation in the world today. A recent survey pointed out the advantages of voice commands and the ease with which humans are now integrating voice recognition and voice-controlled devices into their lives. (1)

And it’s the succor that voice-controlled devices bring to people’s lives that makes the GoPro Voice commands an appealing feature to many users.

Basically, GoPro cam owners can operate their cameras without using their hands, especially since it’s a small camera with a tiny screen built for capturing images and videos in the middle of sporting activities.

This feature is also beneficial to amputees or disabled persons who want to operate a camera without stress.

How to Control Your GoPro with Voice Commands

After purchasing a GoPro cam, the foremost thing to do is to charge the battery because a low battery may hamper the camera’s ability to register voice commands effectively.

Once the charging aspect has been sorted, the next action is to update the GoPro cam. 

Here’s why.

Outdated software versions may not function well with voice control. Sometimes they may not function at all. Secondly, there might be new commands that come with the latest updates. Failing to update means losing out on the opportunity to maximize a GoPro cam to the fullest.

So let’s see how to activate a GoPro using voice controls.

One thing, though.

It’s essential to say the prefix “GoPro” before giving the command, as this helps the camera understand that you’re directing the order at it rather than a Tv or a radio.

So, these are the steps to controlling a GoPro camera with voice commands: 

  • On the screen, swipe down to reveal the main menu.
  • There’s a head icon on the left side of the screen with short double arcs around the mouth; a symbol for GoPro voice commands.
  • Depending on the GoPro version, the icon may be elsewhere on the screen. 
  • Tap the symbol and an interface should display asking for a preferred language type.
  • Click on English. 
  • After clicking on the selected language, the GoPro voice commands will become activated.
  • With that, voice activation on the GoPro camera can be initiated anytime.

How to Get the Full List of Voice Commands On a GoPro Camera

The list of commands might seem like a lot to memorize at first, but with continued use of the camera it becomes second nature. Here’s how to locate the voice commands list on a camera.

  • Swipe down to go to the main menu.
  • Next, swipe left and click on ‘Preferences,’ the icon with the toothed wheel. 
  • Then click on ‘Voice Control,’ which should display, listing all the commands available on the device.

GoPro Voice Commands and Resultant Action

Every GoPro cam has an average of 12 commands. However, depending on the camera version, the number could go up to 13 or 14.

The list of standard voice commands are available below:

  • GoPro Turn On

After activating voice commands on a GoPro cam, there’s still a need to specifically enable the ‘Turn On’ feature to power the device even while it’s off.

Here’s how

  • Swipe down to go to the main menu.
  • Next, swipe left and click on ‘Preferences,’ the icon with the toothed wheel. 
  • You should see the option ‘Wake On Voice.’ Toggle it to enable the feature.
  • With the wake on feature activated, anytime you say “GoPro Turn on,” the device will come up.

Quote Box

Although voice commands would run if the  wake on feature isn’t turned on, however, activating the device while it’s powered off will be impossible.

  • GoPro Start Recording

Cam owners can record videos with their GoPro camera by saying “GoPro Start Recording.” You should see a red blinking cursor at the top left corner of the screen when the feature is activated. Once you’re done recording, simply say “GoPro Stop Recording,” and the video will automatically save to your storage folder.  

Also, remember that GoPro cams are programmed to save videos and photos using the last saved configurations. 

  • GoPro HiLight

GoPro highlight is a feature that helps you mark certain incredible moments while recording a video. Once you say “GoPro Highlight,” a yellow arrow-like symbol pointing downwards appears at the bottom of the screen. 

That’s not all.

Users can also activate the highlight mode using the words “GoPro, That Was Sick.”

Cool, isn’t it?

  • GoPro Take A Photo

Saying the words, “GoPro, Take a Photo,” will activate the shutter and capture images.

  • GoPro Start Time Lapse 

The time-lapse option allows users to capture images at a faster frame rate. To exit the Time Lapse mode, the user only has to “GoPro, Stop Time Lapse.”

  • GoPro Shoot Burst

Individuals with a GoPro can capture multiple images in the blink of an eye.  Once the device receives the instruction, “GoPro, Shoot Burst,” it captures about ten pictures or more in a single second.

Other modes include:

  • GoPro Video Mode
  • GoPro Time Lapse Mode
  • GoPro Photo Mode
  • GoPro Burst Mode

What Languages Are Compatible with GoPro Voice Commands?

  • American English (United States)
  • British English (United Kingdom)
  • Australian English (Australia)
  • Indian English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian 

The fact that there are three different default English language accents enabled on this device shows that the camera is pronunciation-sensitive and seldom registers commands given in other accents even though those are in English.  

Also, some languages listed above only feature in specific versions.

How to Use Beep to Understand Voice Commands

It’s essential to have the beep turned on while using GoPro voice commands. 

Here’s why. 

Sometimes, after giving the GoPro cam specific instructions, it might not register the proper command and launch a different mode than expected.

Some users have lost out on recording glorious moments because their GoPro activated a mode other than what was commanded. 

And since most GoPro users attach the device to their helmets or bodies while their hands are engaged in an activity, they wouldn’t discover the error in command reception until it’s too late. 

But, there’s hope. 

The GoPro camera gives a certain number of beeps for every command initiated. So if a user pays attention enough, they could figure out the number of beeps for each order and know when a different mode has been launched.

So here are the major commands and the number of beeps associated with them.

Wait a minute,

It’s best to learn how to activate the beep before delving into different commands and the number of beeps. 

Follow these steps:  

  • Scroll down on the main screen and click ‘Preferences.’ 
  • Tap on ‘General’. 
  • Select ‘Beep Volume’. 
  • After selecting ‘Beep Volume,’ a list of options will be available: High, Medium, Low, Mute. 
  • Click on High, and immediately a loud beep sound should follow. 

The reason for increasing beep volume to the highest level is so that users can hear the number of beeps followed after each command above the noise in their ears during an exercise or while shooting. 

With that settled, here are the major commands and the number of beeps that follow after activation:

  • Start Recording: One beep
  • Stop Recording: One beep, a second-long pause, and three successive quick beeps. 
  • Take a Photo: One beep, a second-long pause, and three beeps in quick succession. 
  • Turn on: Three beeps. 
  • Turn off: Seven beeps.  

Pro Tip

After turning off the GoPro camera with voice commands, if it’s not voice activated within 8 hours, the power button would be the only way to turn on the device. 

And that’s because when the camera shuts down after receiving the corresponding turn-off instruction, it doesn’t necessarily go off but enters into a temporary sleep mode awaiting voice instructions to turn on. 

Consequently, the device uses up the battery in sleep mode, and will completely turn off after 8 hours to preserve the battery, preventing voice activation.

F. A. Q

Yes, background noise can affect GoPro commands, preventing it from interpreting a user’s directive. On the other hand, attaching a mic to the cam could increase audio reception. But then again, since the cam is mainly used for sporting activities, it would fall off more often than not.

No, special voice commands can’t be set up on a GoPro cam. Essentially, the commands listed in the ‘Preference’ can’t be removed or added. Except, of course, there’s a universal update from the manufacturers.


GoPro voice commands open up a new world of possibilities to users that never before existed. Now while in the middle of an exercise or sports activity, voice control could give cam owners a chance to capture precious moments that would’ve been otherwise lost.

So what are your thoughts about voice-activated devices? Do they help, or do they make it sound unnatural talking to a piece of plastic?


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