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Those times where you’re going to shoot around water or at times when you have events to cover during the rainy season, a waterproof camera bag is as precious as it comes at these moments. Of course, you might think your regular camera bag should do just fine, but can you risk your priced camera and other shooting gadgets getting water-damaged? I bet not. So, today, we’ll be discussing all you need to know about waterproof camera bags. And even handpick the best waterproof camera bags in 2022 for your consideration. So, without wasting time, let’s dive right in.

A Quick Overview

Our Review of the Best Waterproof Camera Bags

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice -Tarion XH Waterproof Camera Bag

    • The strap is breathable.
    • It is made of a hard shell cover, with EPE 3 times thick.
    • It is manufactured from water-resistant fabric with an extra rain cover.

The Tarion XH waterproof camera bag is a deal for a photographer who loves fun and adventure. The make of this bag is suited for particular areas such as waterfalls and rocky terrain. In addition, the Tarion XH camera bag is designed with a hardshell case that protects it against accidents. 

To facilitate protection against water, Tarion lined the shell with EPE material three times the standard thickness. With this unique feature, cameras and lenses are also protected against bumps and cracks. Also, the fabric is made from materials that have zero tolerance for water. Hence, you can confidently move around with your gears without the fear of being ruined by water.

Apart from being our best overall waterproof camera bag, it is also multifunctional. Tarion XH waterproof camera bag has a special compartment for holding your camera in addition to other compartments where tools that come in handy like lenses and miniature drones can be stored. 

This bag has a unique chest buckle you can adjust to ease the burden of the weight on the back. Moreover, the straps are breathable; hence they do not trap in sweat when carried for a long time.

Best value waterproof camera bag - Endurax Large Camera Backpack

    • It is made from highly water-resistant polyester material.
    • The camera bag comes with a special pouch for tripods.
    • Hardshell body provides exceptional protection in hostile weather.

Endurax large camera backpack is our best value waterproof camera bag for professional photographers. This photography bag is of great value to its user because of the fair price point and overall material quality. It offers maximum protection and can also serve dual purposes.

One of the many attributes that make this camera bag worthy of mention is the hard shell casing of the body. The shell is durable and provides outstanding protection for your photographic gear even when the bag is accidentally dropped. In addition, the hardshell acts as a shock absorber, so the risks of damaging your gadgets are removed.

In addition to the hard shell casing, the fabric of the camera bag is a high-density polyester material. From various research, it is proven that polyester fabric has water resistance ability. Therefore, when there’s an unexpected change in weather, there’s an assurance that no damage will come to the photographic equipment in the bag.

For any photographer that’s always on the go, travel comfortability is of great essence. This waterproof camera bag has features that reduce the stress of traveling. The strap is padded and soft on the shoulder. I like how the strap can be adjusted to match the weight of the load I carry with the bag.

Apart from being a waterproof camera bag, other necessary gadgets a photographer may need on a shoot can fit inside the bag conveniently. For example, I could conveniently fit my DSLR camera, 14” laptop, and tablet in the bag during a photoshoot. And there’s also a special pouch for holding tripods.

Most stylish waterproof camera bag - Caden Camera Sling Backpack

    • It can be styled as a chest bag or a backpack.
    • There is an additional rain cover to increase protection.
    • Fabric is a highly dense waterproof nylon with several layers of padding.

Caden camera bags are popularly known for their classiness and styles. Caden sling camera bags can be worn in two ways. You can wear it as a regular backpack or fling it across the chest as a chest bag. A waterproof camera bag from Caden protects in a grand style, kind of like the frosting on the cake.

The primary thing to look out for in a waterproof bag is the protection it offers, right? That’s why the Caden waterproof camera bag majors on delivering maximum protection against water. It is designed with highly dense nylon mesh, which does not absorb moisture. In addition, the inside of the bag is 18mm thick with seven layers of padding that is water-resistant and shockproof.

Aside from being one of the most stylish waterproof camera bags, what else is in for you? You may want to ask. The Caden camera bag has a capacity that can hold a camera in addition to other necessary accessories you may wish to carry. There are dividers where you can fit three lenses alongside your tripod.

In addition to all of the fantastic qualities this bag has to offer, it is designed anti-theft. The three buckle design provides protection for your photography gears and also other valuable items in the bag. Also, there is a year’s guarantee on this bag, any issue within a year, and a new one is offered as a replacement.

Best large capacity waterproof camera bag - Tarion Camera Backpack

    • It is designed from tensile, tear-resistant nylon.
    • The backpack is IPX5 water-proof satisfied.
    • There is an extra compartment for carrying a laptop.

This Tarion camera backpack is mainly sought after by photographers for its large holding capacity and then its water-resistance ability. But imagine a scenario where you have to pack other necessary accessories alongside your camera for a function or event. Moving to places with two or more backpacks isn’t a pretty sight.

With this large capacity waterproof camera bag from Tarion, you are covered. The backpack can fit a camera, up to 6 lenses, and even a flash trigger. There’s also an extra partition for holding a 15” laptop, with a space at the bottom for carrying a tripod.  

Besides the remarkable ample space, the Tarion camera backpack also provides absolute protection for the gears it houses. The camera bag is produced from high tensile nylon that is resistant to tear.  To further ensure safety, enclosed in the bag is a rain cover; in cases where it’s suddenly rainy or snowy, one can easily roll up the rain cover to enjoy double protection.

This large capacity waterproof camera bag is made from materials that last long. And its waterproof ability is IPX5 satisfied. Another unique quality worthy of mention about this bag is, the dividers are removable. So for a short trip or camping, Tarion’s camera waterproof backpack can be used for packing clothes.

Top budget choice - Bagsmart Camera Bag

    • It is produced from water-resistant canvas fabric.
    • Presence of anti-theft zippers.
    • The bag strap is padded and adjustable.

The quality of a waterproof camera bag is not determined by its price but rather by the protection it offers and elegance. Though the bagsmart camera bag is low priced, that doesn’t make it any less of a great camera bag for a photographer.

This Bagsmart camera bag is designed from canvas fabric which is highly resistant to water. It’s also resilient and comes in handy for carrying your photography equipment. It consists of two removable and adjustable dividers, which can organize 1 DSLR camera, two lenses, and other accessories. There’s also an extra slot for SD cards, cell phones, and keys. 

Here’s a camera bag you can use to commute easily through rowdy places without feeling weighed down by your luggage. I like how I can wear it in different styles. You can wear it as a cross bag or a shoulder bag. The strap is padded and does not hurt when carried for a long time.

Another unique point about this bag is that it is designed with highly dense foams that provide a cushioning effect for the gear it holds. Therefore, it not only protects against moisture but also cracks. Bagsmart waterproof camera bag offers so much for a reduced price, and that’s why it is our top choice budget.

Buying guide for the best waterproof camera bags

We own cameras for various reasons, be it for the fun of it or for making cash. But one thing we have in common is the need to protect our cameras from unfavorable weather and cracks. So, a waterproof camera bag is one accessory you can’t do without. 

However, buying a camera bag of good quality may be a demanding task. Here in this section, we have simplified the factors to consider in buying the best waterproof camera bags for your reading pleasure. Stay tuned!

Type of material

In choosing any waterproof camera bag, the type of material used by the manufacturer is of utmost importance.

Why is it so?

The type of material will determine if your equipment is safe in the hands of such camera bags literally or not. Here’s a brief recap of the different types of materials used in waterproofing camera bags;

  • Nylon

Nylon is a type of fabric in which the interior part comprises polyurethane. Polyurethane has zero-tolerance for water; hence, it’s the major player in the ability of nylon to withstand water splashes and even rain. 

So, to provide 100% waterproofness, companies design bags with nylon. These bags are safe for use even when caught up in the rain.

  • Cotton

Cotton fibers are mostly woven together in the making of bags to make them water-resistant. However, there might be tiny holes that allow water to infiltrate the camera bag. 

While cotton may not be the best option for waterproofing a camera bag, waxed cotton does the job better to a reasonable degree. Waxed cotton protects camera bags against water drops and splashes. Still, when it is completely soaked, the wax may dissociate, thereby rendering such bags unable to protect the gears it holds.

  • Polyester

Here is a type of material popularly exploited by manufacturers to produce waterproof camera bags. Polyester is known for its ability to resist water 100% (1). Unlike cotton, instead of absorbing water when in contact, it rather wicks it off. 

Other than this, polyester fabric is highly durable, so it offers more protection than other fabrics since it does not wear out quickly. Waterproof camera bags made with polyester offer a 2-in-1 package. That is long-lasting and protection against water. If that’s what you look out for, waterproof camera bags made from polyester are the better choice.

  • EPE foams

Another essential factor to check when picking a waterproof bag is the shock-absorbing character. An excellent waterproof camera bag must provide some sort of shock absorber in case of accidents and bumps. Camera bags lined with EPE – Expandable Polyethylene foams are sound shock absorbers. 

EPEs are used as paddings in camera bags to discourage water entry. A single layer of EPE can protect your gears to a reasonable extent. Although some manufacturers use foams thrice the standard layer, I recommend such bags because they provide three times better protection against water. Also, present a cushioning effect for your camera in case of falls.


The size of a waterproof camera bag is an essential factor that you must consider aside from the waterproofing tendency of a camera bag. It would be pointless having to carry multiple camera bags to an event or a photoshoot when you could easily fit in all the necessary photography accessories in a single larger camera bag.

Waterproof camera bags vary in size and shape. Some camera bags can hold two cameras with extra compartments for SD cards, batteries, lenses, and even tripods. Camera bags also serve dual purposes like a divider for photography accessories and additional space for laptops and tablets for photographers who might want to edit their work at the shoot location. 

Therefore, before you click on the icon to buy a waterproof camera bag, do a quick test and be sure it can take all your necessary photography kits.


There’s absolutely no fun in buying a camera bag that would wear in a matter of days. So before you pay for a waterproof camera bag, you should consider if such a bag is made from solid materials and lasts long.

Waterproof camera bags made of hard shell casings should be considered for adventure photographers who often work in hostile environments. Hardshell coverings are known for their durability and resistance to water, scraps, and bumps, to mention but a few.


When choosing a waterproof camera backpack, you must lookout for the breathability qualities of the straps.

What’s the big deal about straps? You wonder. Well, I’ll tell you. The straps of a waterproof camera backpack are as crucial as the body of the bag in protecting against water. Imagine a photoshoot on a sunny day that took forever to end, with your bag strapped to your back, and you are all sweaty. I bet that’s not a pleasant situation.

Straps designed from nylon mesh have good breathability. These straps do not absorb water hence are not sticky on the back of the carrier. Look out for such straps when shopping for a waterproof camera bag.


Gone are the days when camera bags were made in a particular model. Luckily for us, nowadays there are different camera bags to suit different occasions based on your taste. There are a lot of options to explore when it comes to purchasing a waterproof camera bag. For a hiking experience, you can simply go for a chest bag or a sling bag for casual outings.

Here are the different  waterproof camera bags aside backpacks you can explore;

  • Sling bags
  • Cross bags
  • Chest bags
  • Fanny packs
  • Canon bags

Quote box

Sling waterproof camera bags are fit for your casual lifestyle and can be easily carried through busy areas.


The price tag on a camera bag shouldn’t be taken as the only yardstick to judge its quality. While you can find great waterproof camera bags at a relatively low cost, you should also expect to spend a few extra bucks on the top waterproof camera bags.

F. A. Q

Polyester fabric is usually best for waterproof bags because the polyester fabric is non-absorbent of water, and they give 100% protection against water splashes or rain.

Yes, there’s a difference between water-resistant and waterproof backpacks. Water-resistant backpacks can only tolerate water for a short time, but when exposed for a longer time, they allow water entry. In contrast, waterproof backpacks are way stronger and can withstand any degree of water for a longer time frame, even when submerged in water.


Having a waterproof camera bag is not for fashionable reasons but to better protect your cameras and other recording gadgets. Therefore, several factors come into play when choosing the best waterproof camera bag, the most important of which are material type, capacity, and style.

So, based on our research, the Tarion XH Waterproof Camera Bag is our top recommendation. And here’s why; it has a hard shell covering, a large capacity for holding multiple cameras and laptops, and it’s also stylish.

Which bag is your favorite waterproof camera bag? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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