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Are you looking to start your own vlog and become an online video creator? One of the list things you should have to worry about is which vlogging equipment to use. Unfortunately, it’s usually not as easy to figure out which items to get because of the myriad of video creation gears and equipment flooding the markets. How about you let us help you figure out this part of the journey. We’ve handpicked the best vlogging equipment to get any new creative started. Regardless of the niche you’re looking to explore; outdoor or indoors, we’ve got you covered. Read through to know our thoughts on equipment for running a vlog in 2022.

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Sony ZV-1Panasonic Lumix S5GoPro Hero 10 BlackJoby 3K KitRode VideoMic GO

Editor’s choice - Best point and shoot camera for vloggers

Best video camera for vlogging

Best action camera for vloggers

Best tripod for vlogging

Best microphone for vloggers

Sony ZV-1

Panasonic Lumix S5

GoPro Hero 10 Black

Joby 3K Kit

Rode VideoMic GO

Our review of the Best Vlogging Equipment in 2022

Editor’s choice - Best point and shoot camera for vloggers - Sony ZV-1

    • A compact, lightweight camera body with 4K video recording capacity.
    • In-built gyroscopic image stabilization for smoother vlogging.
    • It comes with a directional microphone covered with windscreen for better audio quality
Sony ZV-1

The number one vlogging equipment we’ll feature on our list is the Sony ZV-1. This camera is quite popular with vloggers, as it is specifically made for that purpose. It’s compact, easy to navigate, and shoots high-quality pictures and videos. It’s the whole content creator package in one camera.

What makes the Sony ZV-1 fitting for vloggers is that it has all the features for making video content ready in one place. It has good optics and image processing, a usable microphone for audio input, and the files are easy to access – you can livestream or pre-record videos. The ZV-1 is one of the best point and shoot digital cameras available for vloggers. To know more about these camera types, check out our article on the best point and shoot cameras.

The Sony ZV-1 uses a back-illuminated 20.1 MP 1-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor; it’s smaller than most compact sensors, but it’ll get the job done, and more so, it records 4K resolution video conveniently. The ZV-1 also comes with a locked-in Vario-Sonnar T Lens lens with an impressive aperture of 24 – 70mm, f/1.8 – 2.8. The camera also has a fast hybrid AF system featuring real-time eye AF and AF tracking. So, if you’re an outdoor vlogger or always on the move, you can capture subjects faster and clearer.

There are many features about the Sony ZV-1 that makes it well-suited for vloggers that we might not be able to mention in detail here. You’ve got the side flip-out LCD screen with touch screen which makes self-recording a bliss. There’s the auto exposure face-tracking to keep subjects properly visible in frame. Then, there’s its forward-directional on-board mic with detachable windscreen which captures better audio quality when recording a vlog facing the camera.

Best video camera for vlogging - Panasonic Lumix S5

    • It boasts a 24.2MP full-frame sensor with high ISO, great for low light recording.
    • Records perfectly well at 4K video resolution without time limit.
    • Impressive in-body and optical image stabilization that keeps video jitter-free
Panasonic Lumix S5

The Lumix S5 by Panasonic is the best vlogging equipment in 2022 for creators looking to upgrade their video recording gadget. This camera would put you on the same pedestal with some of the finest content creators in terms of video quality. The Lumix S5 is a mirrorless full-frame camera with 4K/60p video capacity at large aspect ratios. And no, it doesn’t have any time limit, which means you can record videos all day long.

Panasonic especially designed this camera for video creators and vloggers. It packs a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor with 24.2MP and a maximum ISO51200 using its Dual Native ISO technology. So, with this camera, you get to record clear videos and images even in low-light conditions. Recording at 4K means more processor power is being used, but thanks to the added heat dispersion technology, you don’t have to worry about incessant overheating.

With the different preset video modes, the Lumix S5 is a vlogger’s joy. Using the V-Log mode, vloggers can record videos made for social media. Other options include slow and quick motion, 4K HDR, interval shooting, and anamorphic mode. The camera also has a 5-axis in-body stabilization and 2-axis optical image stabilization to keep your shots steady and sleek. Check out our list of the best cameras for filmmaking on a budget for other sleek video cameras you can consider.

The Panasonic Lumix S5 is great for vlogging on the go. You can connect it via Bluetooth or WiFi to other devices for remote control. It has a double card slot for recording on microSD cards. Or you can use the HDMI output, if you prefer. The USB ports also allow for file transfer and for USB power charging, or you can charge from power supply.

Best action camera for vloggers - GoPro Hero 10 Black

    • High video quality owing to the high video resolution and frame rates, up to 5K at 60fps.
    • Impressive in-body camera stabilization technology. 
    • Multiple recording modes allows for creative video making
GoPro Hero 10 Black

A whole lot of vloggers love to get physical in their videos and so they are more inclined to purchase travel vlogging equipment. This is because cameras and gears built for travel vlogging are generally more sturdy and can record well in the heat of strenuous activities. Hence, action cameras are commonly used by outdoor/travel vloggers.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is our top action camera choice for vloggers. This small camera packs a bunch of high-end features that would take your vlog videos to the next level. It can snap 23MP photos, shoot 5.3K video resolution at 60fps, and 4K at 120fps. So, at 2.7K video resolution, you can get 8X slo-mo with this Hero action camera.

Blown away yet? Well, it’s no news that GoPro is always upgrading their action camera technology to help their adventure-loving fans capture thrilling moments on camera. The Hero 10 Black uses Hypersmooth 4.0, GoPro’s in-body camera stabilization technology. There’s also the waterproof body build which allows you to record at up to 33ft underwater.

For vloggers who need to see themselves while recording, the Hero 10 has a front display that acts as a webcam when facing the camera for livestream or recording. The camera settings on this GoPro are pretty easy to navigate, and it comes with a lot of options that gives vloggers the freedom to explore their creativity. With modes like live burst, time lapse, hyperlapse, hindsight, and so on. 

Are you impressed by the GoPro Hero 10 Black features but it’s out of budget for you? There are other viable action cam options for making vlog videos, you can check our list of the best action cameras under $100 to learn more.

Best tripod for vlogging - Joby 3K Kit

    • Flexible GorillaPod tripod legs that can be mounted on any surface.
    • Ball head with 3600 pan axis movement and 900 tilts.
    • Strong and sturdy build made from high tensile strength materials
Joby 3K Kit

One of the most pressing needs of new vloggers is a place to stand their camera in the heat of recording a video on the go. This is why a handy tripod remains one of the best vlogging equipment for beginners. The Joby 3K Kit is a gorilla tripod that fits perfectly for video content makers who are just starting to explore their creativity. 

If you’re looking to get creative with your camera shot angles to give your work a whole new perspective, then a gorilla tripod would come in handy to help lock your camera in position. The main advantage of gorillapods like the Joby 3K kit is its ability to turn in any direction. The tripod legs are made of  balls connected to one another with a flexible string that has high tensile strength. What this means is that the tripod legs can be bent backwards and forward, and would maintain any position you fix them.

The Joby 3K Kit also features a ball head for mounting your video camera. It can be titled in to the left or right at 900, and turned 3600 on the pan axis. So, after you place the tripod legs in position, you can turn the ball head to hold your camera in the best possible way to capture your vlog content action. This tripod kit includes a grip-tight pro mount for DSLRs and larger digital cameras, and a hub adapter for mounting smaller action cameras like a GoPro Hero.You can also mount lights, mics, and external screens on this tripod when shooting your vlog video.

For vloggers who prefer their camera being in one position on the ground or a flat surface, then a gorilla pod might not serve you best. A regular tripod with more stabilizing power would be better. Check out our complete guide on buying the best tripod for video to see other options to explore.

Best microphone for vloggers - Rode VideoMic GO

    • Lightweight directional microphone with effective noise reduction design.
    • It comes with a Rycote Lyre shock mount which allows for stable sound even with camera shakes.
    • It connects directly to the camera’s external microphone port, no need for batteries
Rode VideoMic GO

Finally, to wrap off our selection of the top five best vlogging equipment is an audio gear. For a lot of vlog creators, audio and sound quality is one of the top issues plaguing their creative process. The internal mics on video cameras are often too buried into the camera body that they don’t pick up sound clearly. Or the camera being too far out from where the action is taking place. In all, the best way to ensure you get good audio quality while recording a vlog is to use an external microphone.

Our top external microphone pick for vloggers is the Rode VideoMic GO. This lightweight microphone can be easily mounted on top of the camera, and would pick clearer sounds from the subject’s direction. So, you only need to point the mic in the direction you want to pick your vlog audio from, and this Rode mic would do the rest of the job for you.

The Rode VideoMic GO has quite an effective noise-reduction property. The windscreen on the mic head does its job pretty well, and you don’t have to be worried about muffled voices when recording outdoors. And for ease of use, the mic uses a  Rycote lyre shock mount which doesn’t allow it to be affected by vibrations and bumps from movements during video shoots. And the good news is that the VideoMic GO connects directly to your camera’s external microphone input.

What equipment do vloggers need?

Running a vlog successfully requires creativity, focus, and grit, no doubt. But what are those without the right vlogging equipment? Choosing the right equipment is as important as the story you’re trying to tell with your creative video content.

We have prepared a guide to help newbies choose the best vlogging equipment for beginners. And also help established creators to up their video gadget arsenal. Here are the areas to which vloggers should pay attention:

Video camera

The video camera is no doubt the primary tool for a video content creator. Without a proper camera, your ideas might not catch the audience’s eye, and that could easily hamper your creator journey.

So, it’s always good to invest in a proper video camera from the start. Good news is that smartphones can record pretty decent videos nowadays. And also, the price of DSLRs, camcorders, action cameras, and other digital camera types are getting beat down in the market. Pay the most attention to the camera type, sensor, processor, video resolution, audio input, lens compatibility, and connectivity, when shopping for a video camera.

“Recording with your smartphone is one of the easiest ways to start your own vlog. Be sure to explore your phone’s video recording capacity when starting out.”

For more video camera ideas in the budget range, check out our guide to buying the best 4K camcorder under $500.

Audio input

Muffled audio can ruin hours of work done recording a video content. So, you need to get your audio and sound right as a vlogger. The best way to get this done is by using an external microphone, alongside useful microphone accessories like a windscreen.

Some of the best options include shotgun mics and compact shotgun mics. These can be powered, wired, wireless, or lavalier microphones. Some also come in kits which makes them easier to connect.

Mounts and stabilizers

Mounts and stabilizers are part and parcel of smooth video productions. Vlogs are often action-packed and would mostly cause the camera to shake. But with the right stabilizer, you can get your video looking silky smooth and in good quality. Stabilizers are always included into any travel vlogging equipment kit.

Tripods and gimbals(1) are the go-to stabilization gadgets for vloggers. They allow you to record clean video quality by holding your camera in position. Mounts are used to attach a camera, or other equipment like a microphone, to other gadgets like stabilizers, drones, or surfaces like a helmet, bike handle, or a skateboard.

Lighting equipment

Getting the right lighting equipment is also quite important for your vlogging journey. With the right lighting, you can focus on the subject of your video better and improve the overall content quality. Lighting equipment also mostly comes in kits for vloggers. But you can also purchase stand alone equipment like LED ring lights, clamps, a backdrop, and a green screen if you fancy editing your video background.


Connectors and adapters are also often sold in kits. They accompany cameras, microphones, lighting kits, and stabilizers. You need cables like HDMI, USB types A and C, to keep your vlog content production process as seamless as possible.

Editing software

Editing softwares aren’t really equipment per se, but they are very much important to the process of making video content. So, having any of the common editing software readily available would be of great use to your vlogging journey. Some of the best editing software options are Adobe premiere pro and Final Cut Pro X.

F. A. Q

Vloggers often use compact digital cameras to produce video content. This could be a DSLR, a mirrorless, or a digital point and shoot camera. Other times, it’s a smartphone.

Yes, you can vlog with your smartphone. Smartphones like the latest iPhones or a flagship android device, have cameras that record high-resolution video like 4K and also have camera modes like slow motion.


So, we’ve come to the end of our ultimate guide on how to choose the best vlogging equipment in 2022. Always bear in mind that the most important factor in vlogging remains your creativity and ideas. Don’t be scared to explore your options.

And if we’d have to pick just one of these equipment we’ve checked out, it would be the Sony ZV-1. The compact vlogging camera is made for creators to get recording on the go. It has a much better microphone than most other digital cameras, and the camera performance is neat as well. 

Which vlogging equipment do you use as a content creator? What would you add to our list that’s not there? Let’s get talking in the comments below.


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