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Video editing is an integral part of the filmmaking process, and doing it right is as important as doing it at all. Only the best video editing softwares can give the desired result. Below is a review of the best video editing softwares in 2022 and some information on how to choose the best ones.

A Quick Overview

Our Review of the Top 5 Best Video Editing Softwares in 2022

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice - Adobe Premiere Pro

    • It comes with the highly-rated Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud for remote work on a single project.
    • This software provides regular updates to meet the demands of the post-production industry.
    • You get to edit high-res videos like 8K and also get impressive color correction programs.

Adobe Premiere Pro being the top pick as the best video editing software for PC in 2022, will probably come as little or no surprise to many people. However, while many may have their preferences for video editing, the Adobe Premiere Pro is a force to reckon with. 

Although the top professionals mostly use this video editing software, it still has a gentle learning curve that encourages hobbyists and newbies to try it out. It is available on both Mac and Windows, although it’s not yet available for Linux users. 

While this video editor is arguably the best, the programmers continue to churn out impressive updates to cater to the endless video editing needs of the filming industry. What these frequent updates imply, though, is that accessing the features of this software is through a monthly subscription. 

Adobe Premiere Pro has some of the best features in video editing software, including 8K video editing. In addition, it offers the Lumetri color correction, encoding different media formats with the adobe premiere encoder, and of course, the much-envied Adobe Premiere creative cloud for storage. 

Due to the demands of video editing softwares on PCs, it’s no surprise that you need the best CPU for video editing and very good computer hardware. Adobe Premiere Pro needs this kind of high computer specs to function properly. This may be a drawback, but it’s worth it compared to the benefits of using this software.

Best for Beginners - Adobe Premiere Elements

    • It comes with the Adobe Sensei AI tech that helps rearrange frames to help keep the subject in the frame. 
    • You get to edit videos in resolutions as high as 4K.
    • It provides easy uploads for social media by exporting social media-friendly formats and frames.

From the stables of Adobe comes the smaller and easier version of the Premiere Pro. If you are still in the early stages of video editing, like learning how to crop a video, this software, with its awesome learning curve, is the right choice for you as it is the best video softwares for beginners

Adobe Premiere Elements is like a starter pack to the more professional premiere pro, and you only have to pay once to get lifetime access. Like its older counterpart, you can use this software both on a Mac and PC. 

Part of the functions you will get with this video editing software is an ability to edit in 4K, add and audio, and you also get the Adobe Sensei Feature which helps to rearrange your shots so that the important parts are kept in the frame. 

While the editing is basic, you can share directly with your social media. Sharing directly to social media implies that this software can churn out acceptable formats for social media programs or softwares. This feature effectively makes this the best video editing software for beginners and hobbyists.

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Getting the best out of video editing softwares in 2022 requires you using the best computer hardwares available. Although there is a threshold for the computer specs, different video editing softwares puts different demands on the computer.

Best Free Video Editing Software - DaVinci Resolve

    • It features top-of-the-line color grading and correction alongside impressive audio edits. 
    • It is available on the 3 most popular operating systems.
    • This software offers GPU acceleration which can ease the boarding of the processor during serious video edits.

It’s probably coming as a surprise to you that the notorious DaVinci Resolve video editing software is free. This easily makes it the best free video editing software. On top of this, DaVinci Resolve is produced by the popular Cine camera producer, Blackmagic, which in itself serves credence to the software. 

The DaVinci Resolve video editing software is popular for its impeccable color grading, color correction, and in-app audio tools. Since the Blackmagic camera is a popular cine camera, it’s no surprise that many professionals opt for this software. 

This video editing software works on all three popular OS; Windows, Linux, and iOS. Although its hardware demands include having the best motherboards for video editing for GPU acceleration and other processes, this software offers features that can rival the best video editing softwares in town and for free. 

One drawback to this software is that it has a steep learning curve and can sometimes be daunting to operate. However, if you are serious about video editing while spending very little, then this software is the right one for you as it is one of the best video editing softwares for PC. Also, you can always go online for tutorials on how the software works. 

Best for Professionals - Final Cut Pro X

    • It has one of the best user interfaces in video editing software, which is a criterion that makes it suitable for professionals and novices alike. 
    • This software offers one of the best video editing and rendering times. Thanks to the trackless magnetic timeline.
    • You get to edit all video formats and resolutions, including 8K and VR 360.

Also known as FCPX, this software is the major rival to the Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing features. Made by Apple, it is undoubtedly one of the best video editing software for Mac or iOS. While this might be a drawback, there is the advantage of paying just once to get lifetime access which makes it relatively cheaper than the Adobe Premiere Pro.

Like with the Premier Pro, the Final Cut Pro X is made for the professionals in the industry, and some may even prefer it to every other video editing software. Although the preference may be partly due to the superior connection iOS devices have with each other, this video editing software is quite easy to learn, making it good for both beginners and professionals alike. 

With the FCPX, you get extra features such as fast rendering and impressive color grading. The latest update comes with many new and impressive features, although some of the old ones were also binned. However, of all the features in this video editing software, the most impressive is the user-friendly interface and timeline the FCPX provides. 

The trackless magnetic timeline that provides non-linear editing makes editing on this software faster. This feature easily endears the FCPX to short video makers and vloggers. Working with this software is not only easy but also fast. You simply edit and move your final cut to your option of the best hard drives for video editing.

Best for Mac Users - iMovie

    • It is a free software that offers good editing tools for users no matter the expertise level. 
    • The iMovie possesses one of the best interfaces of any video editing software.
    • You can work across connected platforms that have the iMovie software. It makes video editing possible on the go.

While we just discussed the FCPX which is a super video editing software, nothing beats free editing software, and what better software is available for Mac users than its custom-made iMovie.  

First off, the most special thing about the iMovie is that it exists across all Apple platforms. This implies that video edits can be done across different platforms and on the go. In addition, you get to edit 4K videos, as well as make advanced video edits such as color grading. 

While this software is not as packed as FCPX or the Adobe Premiere Pro, it offers enough features for intermediate video editing. And if you are still at the stage of learning how to speed up a video, this software also covers you. Furthermore, like with Apple products, the iMovie is very easy to use, thanks to the user-friendly interface.

The iMovie is undoubtedly one of the best free video editing software. Its intuitiveness at helping out with video edits and color grading is second to none, especially with the tool that helps users match the color between subsequent clips. These features and the ease of use make it deserving of its spot as a top 5 video editing software in 2022. 

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While your choice of video editing software is largely dependent on the budget and features, the kind of videos you are editing should be put into considerations too. For example, vloggers and skit makers are better with fast rendering softwares.

How to Choose a Video Editing Software

Whether you are just starting with simple edits like learning how to edit GoPro videos on Mac or a top-of-the-line video editor working with some of the best SSD for video editing, there are some important tools that can not be bypassed in the best video editing softwares. Such tools are very important and generally make the best video editing softwares standout. 

  • High-res Video Editing 

This feature is not really a tool in video editing software but rather the basic capabilities of the software. Before choosing a software, especially in 2022, the least the software should be able to do is process 4K videos. 

4K videos are so commonplace now that even mobile phones can now shoot in this resolution. Therefore, it is only normal to go after softwares that can process this kind of resolution and higher, if possible. Although professional video editing softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro can even make edits on 8K videos, the simpler and free ones should be able to work on 4K videos. 

  • Color Grading

This feature may sound techy, but it is a basic feature expected of the best video editing software for beginners and professionals alike. Color grading(1) alters the shades of colors during video edits for specific purposes. A top video editing software must have this tool. In addition, there are tools such as histogram, color wheels, e.t.c. that can increase the ability of a user to fine-tune colors for visual frames.

On the other hand, is the Lookup Tables (LUTs) for colors. Unfortunately, not every video editing software supports this feature, but it is almost as important as color grading. And it should be a feature to look out for in video editing software. 

  • Audio Editing

This is one feature that professionals or individuals just learning how to edit a music video rate highly. While it is a basic feature to sync sound with visuals, adding background music, separating and merging audio and video, cleaning background noise, and adding audio effects are features expected of a top video editing software. 

On the other hand,  the best video editing softwares now come with their own music catalog, and you can even add music to your videos from some of the best royalty free music sites around. Some software also allows users to download tools just to enhance audio. Top softwares also offers amazing audio codecs. 

  • Titles

There are rarely videos complete without the titles. Even if it’s just to name the video editing crew, titles are important to video edits, and how the softwares executes them can go a long way in the final cut. 

Although there is no bad video titling, awesome title tiles and fonts are being released to complement the videos. We now have softwares that can narrate in 3D and also have the most impressive title effects. Videos softwares that give you full autonomy on the titles are still the most recommended.  

  • Editing Speed and Rendering

This part of video editing software actually has a lot to do with software as it has to do with the computer’s hardware. While there are softwares that use impressive algorithms to minimize the size of the videos you want to edit so as to hasten the editing and render times, computer hardware can be very telling on this aspect. 

All things being equal, with every computer spec up to standard, then considering the editing speed and render time is crucial to picking a video editing software. This information can only be gotten from people that have used the software before or through reviews.

F. A. Q

4K videos are commonplace now, and every video editing software worth its salt can edit 4K videos. If I were to choose, then I would pick any of the above-listed softwares because all of them are adept at editing 4K videos.

Yes. It is possible to alter audio with video editing softwares. Exploring the softwares will even give you more options as regards audio alterations.


Editing videos is an art, and it can be mastered whether you are using the best free video editing softwares or a paid one. The options abound. The best ones discussed here continue to lead the line in their categories, and choosing a software for yourself is down to budget, preference, and computer specs. 

While keeping in mind the price and awesome features the video editing softwares on this list offers, my top pick is the Adobe Premiere Pro. The Adobe Premiere Pro continues to lead the line for no other reason than the frequent updates to its features. As a result, Adobe premiere pro users enjoy a head start compared to the others. And while it may be a bit pricey for hobbyists or amateurs, the pros arguably get value for their money. 

Close alternatives will be the Final Cut Pro X and the DaVinci Resolve, which are good options for users looking for free or paid softwares working on the Apple or Windows platform.

Which video editing software is your favorite? What video editing tool do you enjoy using? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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