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The Sony a7iii is a powerful mirrorless camera capable of producing high-quality images suitable for video production. Despite this camera’s apparent quality, using this camera to achieve quality videos is still down to the attached lens.  The Sony a7iii being a popular camera brand and model makes the lens options plenty. However, only the best lenses for the Sony a7iii can truly complement the quality of this camera. Not to worry though, we have for you a review of the best lens options for the Sony a7iii and their best use cases. Read along.

A Quick Preview

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice - Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 DG DN art

    • Constant wide aperture at every zoom range. 
    • Good MFD of just 18cm for close-ups, and a magnification of 0.34x, perfect for good subject detailing.
    • Six FLD, two SLD, and different element coatings are aimed at reducing chromatic aberrations and flares as possible.

The Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens is a popular lens and it is unsurprisingly one of the best lenses for the Sony a7iii. Despite this lens being a zoom lens ranging from wide-angle to telephoto, it maintains its f/2.8 maximum aperture at every zoom range. This quality makes this Sigma lens suitable for video shoots in all kinds of lighting scenarios without producing unnecessary noise. 

In addition, the constant maximum aperture allows for users to work with various depths of field at any zoom range. As for the focus, this lens uses the fast and silent stepping motor mechanism, and it also has an AF algorithm that helps with tracking subjects in cases of random movements. 

The Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens uses optical elements that are designed to reduce chromatic aberrations, flaring, ghosting, and color fringing at every zoom range. The minimum focusing distance is different for each end of the zoom range, as well as the magnification factor although both are enough to achieve great close-ups.  

As for the build of this lens, it is built for both outdoor and indoor use with a dust and splash resistant design. This lens includes a zoom lock switch for keeping the zoom extension on point, a switch for changing between autofocus and manual focus, and also a customizable button that can be used for easy camera settings. These features make this lens one of the best zoom lenses for Sony a7iii.

Best Budget Option - Sony FE 50mm f/1.8

    • Uses a DS actuator for fast, silent, accurate focusing. 
    • Impressive video quality and video field depth, thanks to the wide f/1.8 aperture. 
    • Super light and portable; great for travel.

While there is always a budget lens built for every camera, only a few can match the quality of images this lens can produce. Made by Sony themselves, this is one of the best budget lenses for Sony a7iii, not only for its price but also for the versatility it offers. 

This lens is a prime lens which makes it very good at producing quality video images albeit only at the 50mm focal length. The versatility this lens offers can easily be achieved by the video maker moving some distance towards or from the subject. 

The maximum aperture of f/1.8 makes video recording easier, even in poorly lit places. This aperture is also a perfect recipe for producing bokeh images as well as different depths of field. This lens makes use of a DC actuator motor to achieve focus. This mechanism is silent and fast, making this lens good for making videos.

The Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 uses glass lens elements that are designed to reduce distortions and various monochromatic aberrations. The MFD of 45cm and 0.19x mag assure users of pretty good close-ups. Furthermore, this lens is light and compact, offering users easy movements when filming or moving around.   

Best Wide-angle Lens - Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 G

    • Constant maximum aperture of f/2.8 despite the zoom range. 
    • It uses an XD linear focusing system designed to achieve fast and silent focus as well as focus tracking of the subject. 
    • Availability of a button for accessing quick settings.

Wide-angle lenses are the perfect way to capture a lot of information in a single frame without moving so much from the subject(s). It is no wonder wide-angle lenses are very common for video makers, especially for indoor video shoots that are done in cramped spaces. Considering this, the Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 g is arguably the best wide-angle lens for Sony a7iii camera.  

The impressive part of this lens lies in the fact that it is a zoom lens with focal lengths between fisheye and wide-angle. This implies that this lens is not only perfect for filming, it is a desirable lens for individuals looking to produce special effects in their videos. 

This lens has a  constant f/2.8 maximum aperture for good images with different depths of field. The aperture also makes it a good lens for different lighting scenarios. While this lens is specifically designed to capture a wide-angle, it is not subject to the chromatic aberrations lenses of this design are subject to. Thanks to the Nano AR coating applied to the lens. 

The focus is quite fast and silent. This lens uses an XD linear focusing system alongside a tracking system to focus on subjects during movements. You can also switch between MF and AF with a button mounted on the lens. In addition, you can use the focus hold button to access quick settings for easy control of the lens. This lens has an MFD of 28cm and a 0.14x magnification.

Best Prime Lens - Sony 35mm f/2.8 T FE ZA

    • Max aperture of f/2.8 for achieving the best videos in different lighting conditions. 
    • Zeiss designed aspherical elements to maintain image quality in spite of recording conditions. 
    • Linear focus and internal focusing system to help achieve fast, accurate, and silent focus.

Prime lenses are more favored for video production because of their ability to produce better images at a select focal length. Now, of all the prime lenses compatible with this camera, the Sony 35mm f/2.8 T FE ZA is the best prime lens for Sony a7iii available. While there is an argument for this, the price at which this lens is offered is unbeatable.  

This lens is a standard lens bordering on a wide-angle lens. The f/2.8 max aperture makes this lens good for making videos in different lighting conditions. This aperture in combination with the seven-rounded blade diaphragm design makes for beautiful videos with different depths of focus. 

The focus is powered by a linear autofocus motor alongside an internal focus design aimed at achieving silent and fast focus suitable for video recording. The MFD of 35cm gives users a good opportunity for close-ups and they can also achieve a 0.12x magnification with this lens. 

This lens makes use of aspherical elements built to help it achieve the best images without the common chromatic aberrations and distortion. While this lens is the lightest of the lenses mentioned in this article, it has been specifically built to withstand dust and bad weather. 

Quote Box

A zoom lens with fixed maximum aperture throughout the zoom range has a competitive advantage over one with variable max aperture.

Best Zoom lens - Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD

    • Offers a focal length range between wide-angle and super-telephoto.
    • Good magnification and MFD considering the zoom range. 
    • Impressive build with a zoom lock for the lens extension.

Zoom lenses have a lot of applications but the underlying factor is to bring far subjects closer. The Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 lens does this and more. This lens operates in a focal length range from wide-angle to super-telephoto, offering an optical zoom of more than 7x. 

This lens achieves a max aperture of f/2.8 at the wide-angle focal length while it attains a max aperture of 5.6 at the super-telephoto focal length. This implies that this zoom lens can work well in different lighting conditions depending on the focal length in operation. You can also achieve a wider range of different depths of focus with this lens. 

The focus on this lens is achieved with Tamron’s RXD stepping motor, which is quite silent and fast, making it good for video productions. The MFD on this lens is also quite impressive for a zoom lens, standing at 19cm with a 0.32x magnification. 

The construction of this lens takes its durability into consideration while still making it quite compact for a zoom lens with that kind of range. The zoom lock on this lens ensures that the lens extension stays locked while working. Undoubtedly this is one of the best zoom lenses for Canon a7iii around.

How to Choose the Best Lens for Sony a7iii

Using the Sony a7iii for video coverage means that an individual is ready for some serious videography work because of the specs the camera is packing. Therefore, it is only appropriate to use the best lenses for Sony a7iii to get the best of the camera. 

While every lens that fits the Sony E mount will theoretically work with the Sony a7iii, picking the best ones available can be a tricky task since there are so many. Furthermore, the lens options for the Sony E mount also include lenses originally designed for the Sony A-mount although this can only be achieved with the aid of an adapter.

So, what are the most important considerations for picking the right lens for the Sony a7iii? Here are some key criteria to keep in mind when making a lens acquisition for this camera. 

  • Area of Use

While a lot of lenses offer versatility, especially with creative handlers, some are better suited for some scenarios than others. A good example is using a 35mm prime lens for making wildlife videos. While this may be okay, the result will not be as satisfactory as using a zoom lens with a large zoom range. 

Specifying the area of use greatly reduces the option of lenses available to use with the Sony a7iii. Generally, prime lenses are preferred for making movies and general videos. Of these prime lenses, wide-angle and standard lenses are also preferred due to their ability to contain more details when capturing.

While the best prime lenses for Sony a7iii are preferred for making videos, this does not negate the quality of zoom lenses when making videos. Zoom lenses are especially good when large distances need to be covered without the cameraman moving too much. Zoom lenses are preferred for sports videography and wildlife. 

While there are different types of videography with their best lens fit, the acquisition of different lenses will allow individuals to engage in any kind of videography they want. 

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  • Durability

Lenses are made of a combination of differently shaped glasses to help get the perfect image. This means they are vulnerable, especially when handled without care. While a lot can’t be done about the use of glass in lenses, manufacturers are making the lens bodies more durable, especially with outdoor use. 

However, not every lens compatible with the Sony a7iii is truly durable or can withstand bad weather conditions. It is therefore important to look for lenses with guaranteed durability and special protections against bad weather, splashes, dust, e.t.c. 

  • Focus

Focus(1) is an integral part of the lens. However, there are different focusing criteria which are usually the difference between a great lens and an ordinary one. Lenses used for video recording need better focusing features than lenses used for stills. These include the best budget lenses for Sony a7iii. Some of the important focus features to consider are:

  1. Depth of Focus: The depth of focus refers to the amount of information in focus on a particular image. This is very important with video recording because bringing subjects out of focus and back into focus is very vital to conveying information to the viewers.  Lenses with wide apertures and good aperture ranges are generally better at achieving different focus depths. In fact, the wider the aperture, the more you can reduce your focus depth, which is actually great for isolating your subject. 
  2. Minimum Focusing Distance: This refers to the smallest distance a cameraman can get to the subject before it goes out of focus. This feature is especially important when it’s time for closeups. The MFD combined with the magnification feature of a lens can really be useful in video recording, especially when the videographer needs to enhance detail. On a side note, there are lenses made for this kind of imagery. 
  3. Focusing Mechanism: The focusing mechanism on use in a lens is what determines the speed of focus, the smoothness of the focus, and the quietness of the focus. These three criteria are very important to make a nice video. You want to make sure the mechanism is fast, silent, and smooth enough when bringing subjects in or out of focus. An added advantage for a lens is its ability to achieve focus tracking although this feature is present on the Sony a7iii.
  • Optical Elements

Due to the mechanics of a lens, including the best wide-angle lenses for Sony a7iii, every lens is subject to one optical challenge or the other. Some of the common ones include distortion, color fringing, vignetting, ghosting, flaring, and a lot of other chromatic aberrations. However, lens manufacturers are making sure to correct these natural errors by using specially designed elements in the lens’ build.

While a lot of lenses have these special elements designed to reduce optical aberrations, some others don’t. And since no one wants their perfectly taken videos coming out with color hues or distortion, it is quite important to check for the lens’ provision against aberrations.

F. A. Q

Yes. You can use a Sony A mount compatible lens with the Sony a7iii. However, this is only possible with the use of an adapter. In addition, some lens features may not be transferable through the adapter.

Standard prime lenses are the best lens choice for general videos because they are the most versatile of the different lens types.


Picking the best lens for Sony a7iii is important because it is the only way the true quality of this camera can be optimized. While our lens options make for easy decision making, choosing a lens for this camera by yourself is easier with our tips on choosing the best lenses.

While every lens on this list is good for making videos, the best one still remains the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG GN art, not only because of its awesome features but for the price point at which it can be gotten. 

What is your best lens pick for the Sony a7iii? Why? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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