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Are you tired of going back and forth to set up your GoPro during a shoot? And other times, it’s being too careful not to damage your smartphone during action, but you can’t keep it away because you use it to control your Hero camera. What you need is one of the best GoPro remotes compatible with your action camera. In this detailed GoPro smart remote review, you’ll learn all there is to know about these smart remotes and which products are worth your bucks. Ready, set, and read.

A Quick Overview

Our Review of the 5 Best GoPro Smart Remote Controls

Best overall - Editor’s choice - Yoctop Smart Remote Control

    • Strong Bluetooth connection with a 50m range and functions underwater.
    • Fast magnetic charging with gold pleated ports for complete water resistance.
    • Easy controls, including shortcut access to jump to favorite action.

The Yoctop Smart Remote control is the best GoPro remote you’d find in 2021. It’s a recent product designed to work with the latest Hero action cameras. The manufacturers specifically made this remote for Hero 10, 9, 8, and Max360, but users have found it also works with Hero 7. So, if you own any of those models, this is the top smart remote to consider. And as a plus, it comes at a lower price than the official GoPro control accessories.

If you’re looking for a GoPro smart remote that establishes a strong connection with the connected cameras, then this is the device for you. This Yoctop smart remote control uses the latest Bluetooth technology that connects with a GoPro up to 50m away. Interestingly, this remote maintains a connection even when underwater; that’s something you won’t get with any other smart remote.

Another uniqueness of the Yoctop GoPro remote control is the battery and charging style. The battery is inbuilt and completely sealed off; it uses magnetic charging with a gold pleated charging port, making the device completely waterproof. Although, there have been complaints of the charging cable falling off easily and the battery only lasts 4 hours. A way around this is to tape the charging cable to the remote and use it with a power bank to charge when using.

Controlling your GoPro with this smart remote is as intuitive as it comes. The display is backlit and shows the mode, connection, and status of your camera. It also has a shortcut button that allows you to jump to a favorite action immediately after starting your GoPro and saving boot time.

Best GoPro remote battery life - The Remote by GoPro

    • Designed with Bluetooth connectivity for longer battery life of both the remote and camera.
    • Impressive connectivity ranges up to 60m in optimal conditions.
    • Remote design is sturdy and is waterproof up to 5m.

The Remote by GoPro is the most recent OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) remote control for GoPro Heros. It’s designed for controlling the most recent GoPro Hero action cameras, including the Hero 10 Black, Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black, and GoPro Max. So, in essence, if you own a much older version of GoPro, this isn’t the best GoPro remote for you.

Unlike most smart GoPro controls, this device uses a Bluetooth connection which significantly increases the battery life of both the GoPro control and the Hero camera connected. The Remote has a strong battery capacity that can last up to 50 hours after a full charge. This means you don’t have to worry less about your remote control and focus more on keeping your camera battery alive when shooting for long hours.

The large distinct buttons on GoPro’s The Remote make it easy to master controlling your GoPros from a distance. It has three buttons; one large tactile button in front and two on the side. You can start and stop recording using these buttons, switch modes, turn off GoPro, among other functions. You can use any of these commands up to 196ft (60m) away from your camera.

You can easily wear this control device on your wrist using the strap in the kit. Even though the positioning of the belt doesn’t position the remote well on the wrist, it’s still manageable. You also get to use this remote around water bodies up to 16ft (5m) underwater, but the connection would be lost when submerged.

Best GoPro remote range - GoPro Smart Remote

    • Strong WiFi connectivity up to 180m covered in range.
    • Quick access buttons for optimal camera control with up to 50 cameras.
    • Keyring and wrist strap added in the pack for ease of handling.

Coming up third on our list of the best GoPro remotes is the GoPro Smart Remote. This controller is another OEM device; this time around, the device features an excellent range. Both in the distance covered by the connection and the number of devices it can control at a time. 

The WiFi connection of this smart remote can control up to 50 GoPro cameras at a time while maintaining connection at a maximum distance of 180m. It’s a perfect multi-camera setup. Unfortunately, this GoPro control is only compatible with Hero 8, 7, 6, 5, and Fusion. So, if you own newer versions, it won’t work for you. You should also know that some Hero 7 Black users complain about the connectivity of that version.

You can set up your camera settings from the remote buttons, change modes, activate shutter, and power on/off. Combined with the remote LCD screen, which shows what’s on your GoPro’s display. So, you get to see the active mode, resolution, camera battery, recording time, and time left. The only drawback here is that the display isn’t backlit and might strain the eyes of some users.

You can use the GoPro Smart Remote almost anywhere as it’s mountable, wearable, and waterproof for up to 10m. It also comes with a wrist strap and keyring, which makes it all the handier.

Best alternative GoPro wireless remote - Suptig Wireless Remote Control

    • WiFi connection allows for connecting up to 50 GoPro cameras as far as 50m out.
    • Well displayed LCD screen previews camera status.
    • Attached are straps and a keyring for more comfortable use.

The Suptig Wireless Remote is one of the best products for complimentary use with a GoPro camera. This smart controller works with a myriad of GoPro cameras ranging from Hero 8 Black to Hero 3 and Hero +. However, it only exempts the Hero 7 White & Silver, alongside versions released after Hero 8.

With the Suptig Wireless Remote, you can switch your camera mode and trigger shutter action. You also get to toggle settings. With the LCD screen, you can confirm the camera status from the remote control. At the same time, you can attach the remote to your wrist using the strap or by hanging somewhere on your body using the lanyard strap. All the while, you can keep the remote connected to as many as 50 GoPro cameras within a maximum of 50m distance radius using its WiFi connection.

The Suptig remote pack also comes with a keyring to make it handier and also allows you to attach it to other surfaces. The lanyard strap can also be used when around water to help keep the remote afloat. The control itself is 2m waterproof with the lanyard attached to protect the charging port. The battery is inbuilt and lasts for about 4 hours of usage when fully charged. 

Best cheap GoPro remote - Telesin Smart Remote Control

    • Connects seamlessly to GoPro cameras using WiFi up to a range of 50m.
    • LED indicator for easy monitoring of camera status.
    • Waterproof up to 2m for use in water-based events.

To wrap up our list is this cheap smart GoPro control made by Telesin. It comes with a simplistic design that features two tactile buttons, a small display screen, and a LED indicator to show the camera status. With this smart control, you can quickly change your camera mode, start/stop recording, take a shot, and power on/off your GoPro.

The Telesin smart control works with most GoPro versions starting from the Hero 8, to Hero 7, to other lesser models up to Hero 3+. So establishing a connection with your GoPro is simple with this remote control. It comes with a simple guide to help. And it’s indicated that you can connect up to 5 GoPros, though I have not tested this. Asides from that, it does cover up to a 50m connection range.

This GoPro smart remote is easily mountable with the slides on the remote side. It’s also wearable using the wrist strap. And can go underwater up to 2m. In total, though the functions of this remote are limited, you can’t complain about the price at which it comes.

Why do you need a GoPro smart remote control?

An ordinary GoPro user might come across a GoPro remote control and wonder: why would one need a remote alongside a camera? The main reason is that GoPro produces action cameras that are not your everyday digital cameras but are specifically designed for adventures and action sports. So, handling a GoPro in these situations can be tricky, hence the need for remote control.

That said, here are some of the scenarios where using a GoPro control seems fit:

  • GoPro attached on a mount

With your Hero camera mounted in a stationary position for filming live-action, there’s often no way to control the camera without removing it from its place or getting distracted from action. But with a smart remote, you can keep your GoPro camera mounted on the helmet, on a snowboard, on top of a car, or strapped to your body and control your shooting.

  • When using a tripod or gimbal for smooth recording

The point of using a tripod or gimbal with a GoPro is to deliver footage as smooth as silk. But that can be easily disturbed while struggling to control camera settings from the camera body. Eliminate the chances of that happening by getting a GoPro remote.

  • Recording close to water

Some of the favorite activities of GoPro users happen underwater; we’ve got swimming, fishing, snorkeling, snowboarding, and lots more. So, yes, GoPro cameras can go underwater, but most smartphones, which users often use in controlling their cameras, can’t. So, getting a smart remote allows you to control your action camera without fear of water damage.

  • For vlogging

Vloggers often go solo while recording, just you standing in front of your camera. It then becomes tedious to both act the script and man the camera at the same time. GoPro smart controls to the rescue: you get to self-record with utmost ease.

  • For group photographs

Taking group photographs can be a bit awkward sometimes when there’s no one to take the shot. Usually, the go-to trick is to use a shot timer, but that feels unnatural and can often catch some unprepared. Indeed, using a remote control solves the dilemma.

How does a GoPro smart remote control work?

Here, we’ll quickly coast through the logic behind the top remote controls for GoPro cameras. Understanding this would help you make a more informed decision is your purchase.

  • GoPro smart remote vs. WiFi remote

Comparing different GoPro remote controls can be hectic and confusing. That’s why we’re discussing three different perspectives under the GoPro smart remote vs. WiFi remote comparison. 

Here are the critical comparisons you should consider before buying a GoPro remote:

  1. GoPro official remotes vs. other remotes. GoPro OEM smart remotes compete in the market against remotes made by other brands. While you might expect the original manufacturers to know what users might want in remote control, the opposite is the case here. Brands like Yoctop and Suptig have paid more attention to user needs and provided better devices.
  2. Smart Bluetooth remotes vs. WiFi remotes. Most buyers often rate WiFi remotes by default above Bluetooth remotes without a solid reason. The significant difference between the two connections is the connection’s data transfer rate and strength (1). But in this case, Bluetooth connections are more favorable as they encounter less interference and consume less power.
  3. GoPro smart remote vs. GoPro smartphone app. Another question that might brush users’ minds is: why do I need a smart remote for my GoPro when I already have the smartphone app? The short answer is that you can use a smart remote in a place where you won’t feel comfortable using your costly mobile phone, like in a cold region during snowboarding or sea surfing.

The smartphone app has its apparent advantages: it’s free, has a live preview, and has more accessible/broader settings control. However, a smart remote boasts more range, better usability in harsh conditions even while using gloves, and an option to control multiple cameras.

How to choose the best GoPro smart remote control

What should be the defining factor in selecting a particular product as your choice GoPro remote control? It should, no doubt, be a vital feature of this group of devices.

Here are the defining features that determine the quality of a smart GoPro remote:

  • Compatibility

This goes without saying; your choice GoPro remote should seamlessly connect with the version of GoPro Hero you own. So, be sure to double-check this before you hit the buy button.

  • Battery life

As much as you worry about your GoPro battery level, you would have to add your remote battery into the mix. In all, you don’t want a remote that’ll burden your power worries due to poor battery life. Or at least purchase a universal charger that takes care of both your camera batteries and also charges your remote.

  • Connectivity and Range

GoPro smart controls come with either Bluetooth or WiFi connections, both of which have their perks. However, you should look out for the range/maximum distance of connection and the number of GoPro cameras that can connect simultaneously.

  • Mounting and attachment

Handling a small device like a smart control shouldn’t be burdensome. That’s why the best controls are easily attachable to mounts, lanyard straps, and keyrings.

  • Ease of use

What good is a remote control that can’t perform essential functions like start/stop recording, take photos, change mode, and toggle power? Pay attention to the functions of each remote before purchasing.

  • Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential for users that would be using their devices near water bodies. Therefore, do confirm how deep you can go underwater with your choice remote before buying.

F. A. Q

Yes, you can use a compatible GoPro remote to control your GoPro action camera from a distance. But, first, you have to select a smart remote that works with your GoPro.

You can pair your smart remote with your GoPro through the camera “preferences” through “connections.” Otherwise, it would be specified in the remote user guide.


Going through this GoPro smart remote review, you no doubt would have seen at least one GoPro remote that caught your attention.

Unsure about making the purchase or want a professional opinion? I recommend the Yoctop Smart Remote if you use a Hero 10 Black or 9 Black; its strong connection works seamlessly. And if you own a Hero 8 Black or lesser, I would recommend the GoPro Smart Remote because of its unique long-range connectivity.

Which GoPro smart remote do you own? Which functions do you perform with it? And which functions are you hoping to get on it? Join the discussion in the comments.


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