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One of the best gifts to get a child is a gadget that would keep them engaged. Add the function of capturing moments in time, and you have an even better option. That’s how much a working camera can mean to a kid. And what better camera to get for a child than a GoPro? Want to know the current best GoPro for kids in 2022? Here’s our complete guide on purchasing a kid’s camera.

A Quick Overview

GoPro Hero 9 BlackGoPro Hero 7 BlackAKASO EK7000GoPro Hero 10 BlackGoPro Max 360

Best overall - Editor’s choice

Best GoPro for younger kids

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Best for gadget-enthusiast teens

Best for rounded view

GoPro Hero 9 Black

GoPro Hero 7 Black


GoPro Hero 10 Black

GoPro Max 360

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Our Review of the 5 Best GoPro for Kids in 2022

Best overall - Editor’s choice - GoPro Hero 9 Black

    • Records high-definition and RAW pictures at 5K resolution and 20MP.
    • Hypersmooth 3.0 stabilization technology for clearer shots.
    • Clear and colorful front and rear display for preview and easy controls.

To open our list of best GoPro for kids is the Hero 9 Black, a GoPro issue with all the right specs to help a young person capture all the fun moments in quality images and video footage. The Hero 9 is very distinct from previous versions like the Hero 8 Black, while also quite similar to the Hero 10 Black. So, it has a design advantage over previous versions, and a price advantage over the later version.

As a kids camera, the H9 Black delivers stunning 5K video resolution alongside 20MP in image quality. This is the first GoPro Hero with a front display to augment the back display, so tech-savvy teens can have fun livestreaming on this camera or taking sleek selfie shots. 

The Hero 9 GoPro camera boasts impressive zoom, Hypersmooth stabilization which eliminates shakes, and a solid time-lapse mode. It’s also waterproof up to 33ft underwater without a protective case. It connects seamlessly to the GoPro smartphone app, and it also has great battery life which lasts up to 12 hours recording at full HD.

Best GoPro for younger kids - GoPro Hero 7 Black

    • Cheapest GoPro model still in production making it the best value camera for kids.
    • Clear image and video quality at 12MP and 4K resolution respectively.
    • Concrete digital image stabilization and high frame rate for up to 8x slow motion recording.

The Hero 7 Black is a great GoPro camera for kids with a fair price point and impressive usability. Kids find it easy to operate this action camera from the rear LCD screen and the quick buttons on the side. With the H7 Black, kids can record at 4K resolution at slow motion speed of 60fps. And also snap crisp clear pictures at 12MP.

Without using a stabilization device, kids can record fairly smooth videos with the help of the Hypersmooth technology in the camera. Then, they can also record up to 8x slow-mo footage at increased frame rates. There’s also the time warp video feature for continuous image shooting at intervals.

Overall, the Hero 7 is great for children’s use, starting from age four. It has a rugged design and is very lightweight, also waterproof up to 33ft. But with this kit, you also get an extra protective case alongside an extra battery to further boost the already impressive battery life.

Best GoPro alternative - AKASO EK7000

    • Bright blue-color design with tactile buttons and easy-to-navigate controls.
    • Accompanying remote control that can be worn on a kid’s wrist.
    • Clear 4K video resolution and 12MP picture quality.

There are quite a number of alternatives to GoPro on the market, but only a few measure up in quality and suitability for kids. The AKASO EK7000 checks both boxes, hence why it’s on this list. At the basic level, it’s a fine camera with a sleek blue-color design that appeals to kids. Then, on the functional level, this action camera delivers crisp-clear 4K resolution videos and a well-rounded 12MP picture quality.

As a way to further engage children using this gadget, it comes with a wrist remote control. There’s nothing kids would love more than a cool new technological outfit they can proudly wear on their hand. The camera controls are intuitive and easy to navigate for kids. So, if you’re serious about getting a GoPro for your child without spending hundreds of dollars, this is the best alternative for you.

With the AKASO EK7000, kids can record for up to 3 hours with the two batteries provided, and even interchange continuously by readily charging the spare battery. The camera connects with smartphones and can be controlled using the iSmart DV app which is easy to use for kids. And lastly, kids get to use this action cam underwater up to 100ft for a well-rounded video experience.

Best for gadget-enthusiast teens - GoPro Hero 10 Black

    • Impressive video and image quality up to 5.3K resolution and 23MP respectively.
    • Faster and more intuitive interface with more control options to explore.
    • Strong device connectivity and super fast file transfer.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is a sleek upgrade of the Hero 9 Black. It basically retains the build and design but has many upgraded features and better interface. Still, it’s one of the best GoPro for kids, even though it’s a bit more costly than previous versions.

While this GoPro action camera might not be best suited for younger ones less than age 7 due to the many settings and controls, it’s still within reach for kids that can love to explore gadgets. This camera is a great option to introduce a young person to videography or photography. It’s quite handy and uses state-of-the-art technology to process images.

With a high resolution of 5.3K and a 23MP photo quality, the H10 Black is a powerful device. And as such it uses a more powerful processor. It can also film up to 8x slo-mo videos. It’s Hypersmooth stabilization helps kids to film professional-grade footage. And finally, this action camera thrives underwater up to 33ft.

Best for rounded view - GoPro Max 360

    • Double camera lens at the front and back with impressive video resolutions.
    • Effective digital stabilization to even out shakes.
    • Intuitive interface and engaging design, proper for self-recording.

The Hero Max is what you can call a “big kid’s toy.” So, if you’ve got a teenager who’s in love with techy gadgets, or one who loves to sit pretty in front of a camera, then the GoPro Hero Max is the camera for your kid. This action camera delivers a one-of-a-kind filming experience that combines the regular GoPro experience with that of a selfie-cam. Then, there’s the option to film on both sides simultaneously to give a unique 360 footage.

Quite alright, the GoPro Hero Max 360 can be tricky to navigate, but once the young lad gets the hang of it, the range of experience from there is second to none. This camera is compounded with multiple shooting styles and modes including horizon leveling shots, wide angle shots, max superview, 270 power pano shots, and a host of others. So, there are enough options for a kid to explore using this gadget.

Get your child started on professional vlogging with the Hero Max. This GoPro camera is also suited for immersive videography. And the Max Hypersmooth technology helps to deliver silky smooth footage. All powered by the GoPro battery which is interchangeable with the Hero 9 battery.

What’s a GoPro for Kids?

For many people, GoPros are small, quick cameras that are specially made for filming in specific scenarios where you won’t want to use a traditional digital camera. So, GoPros are common in events like camping, excursion, extreme sports including skydiving, bungee jumping, surfing, and the likes. 

If this is the case, how then is a GoPro for kids? Here’s the explanation. GoPros are actually a special type of camera called action cameras. These are cameras designed for use in rough conditions that would otherwise damage regular DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. However, not all action cameras are GoPros, people only use the term GoPro as the brand is the most popular manufacturer of action cameras.

So, back to answering our question; GoPros are well-suited for kids owing to their compact designs. And this is true for all action cameras. They come in compact designs and with features that kids can easily use, and so on. There are a myriad of reasons to get a GoPro for a child ahead of other cameras; we’ll discuss all of that under the benefits of a GoPro for kids.

Benefits of getting a GoPro for Kids

There are so many reasons why you should opt for a GoPro if you want to buy a child a camera. And we’ll put those reasons in perspective by going through the benefits that  GoPro cameras have to offer for kids.

Great video and image quality

Over time, GoPro has advanced in technology and they’ve steadily produced gadgets that can film super clear videos at remarkably high resolutions (1). Currently, the Hero 10 Black holds the highest resolution of 5.3K at 60fps. While such high resolutions aren’t top priority for kids, it does add a touch of class to videos recorded.

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Hero action cameras come with a high megapixel count alongside their high video resolution. So, you can rest assured that your child will capture moments that are print-worthy.

  • Sturdy design

If there’s one thing you should pick a GoPro for, it should be its sturdiness. Why many parents opt for GoPros and other action cams for their kids is due to their durability. These devices don’t need the super-delicate care that we accord DSLRs and the likes, as they often come in packs. Kids get to actively play around with GoPros without fear of damage.

  • Small size

Compactness is key for kid gadgets. With the small size of GoPro cameras, it also means they have lesser weight which is great for kids to carry around. Small size also means kids can fit these cameras into their small backpacks.

  • Price

While GoPro aren’t all that cheap, they sure aren’t as pricey as regular digital cameras that can easily cost thousands of dollars. GoPro cameras can yet be considered as budget devices and fit into the price range of devices for kids. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you can beat down your budget by going for other action camera brands apart from GoPro itself.

  • Waterproof

For kids who love to participate in watersports and other events that take place around water, GoPros are the perfect devices to capture the moments. Some models can go under water directly, while others need a protective case. In any case, be sure to get the necessary gear for your kids to be able to use their GoPro to record those amazing in-the-water shots.

  • Wearable

The whole design of a GoPro camera is towards ease of use. One of the features that encourage this is that they are wearable and mountable. So, you can get a strap for your kids to put the GoPro on their head or chest, or you could mount on a helmet when your kid is riding their bicycle around.

  • Lots of accessories

Camera accessories are great for making camera use more fun and dynamic. So, the more accessories available, the better it is to use a gadget. GoPros have lots of official and third-party accessories that make them more fun for kids to use. Alongside your choice GoPro for your kids, you can get a GoPro remote, a gimbal, GoPro grip, lanyard strap, chest strap, among others.

Buying Guide for GoPro for Kids

Now that we’ve settled why a GoPro is the best camera you can get for a kid, let’s check out how to choose the most appropriate model for each child.

Here are the factors to consider in purchasing a GoPro camera for kids:

  • Child’s interest

While we aren’t experts to advise on how to treat kids, we do know that the biggest determiner in purchasing a device should be the user. So, do take note of what your kid likes before buying them a GoPro. Top factors should be the kid’s age, gender, and fondness of gadgets. The best suitable GoPro for a teenager isn’t best-suited for a 4-year-old. While teenagers might fancy the more robust recent models, younger ones might prefer models that are colorful and simple to operate.

  • Budget

How much you’re willing to spend to get a device for your kid is also a big determiner for which GoPro you’ll be able to get. Overall, you won’t have to break the bank and spend thousands of dollars to get a GoPro camera for kids, but there are GoPro alternatives under $100 that are also worth the spend.

  • Brand

While getting a GoPro for your kid might earn them good rep among their peers due to the popularity of the brand, it doesn’t mean it’s only GoPro that makes good action cameras. You can also get great action cameras for kids from brands like DJI, Akaso, Dragon Touch, among others.

  • Battery life

It’s easy to skip over camera features like battery capacity, but it’s quite important if your kid is going to enjoy using their GoPro camera. While newer GoPros have higher battery capacity, using them at the high specs they come can chew through battery life. So, you might want to lecture your kids on proper battery usage.

  • Connectivity

You should consider who would be handling image and video collation after your kids have fun shooting on their GoPro. You should factor that into which model you’ll opt for by choosing the ones with connectivity options that kids can manage well. For kids who own a smartphone, the GoPro app is a viable option. Other methods like SD Card and cable transfer options would require a PC, so be sure to consider that as well.

  • Memory capacity

Not all GoPro cameras come with a microSD, and even the ones that come with often have limited space. For more freedom of use for your kids, you should get a memory card that would take enough pictures and videos over an extended period.

  • Design

The outlook of an action camera might not mean much to you, but to a 7-year-old, it sure means a lot. So, do consider body design, color of camera, and if the camera comes with a colorful LCD, before purchasing a GoPro for kids.

  • Controls

The choice GoPro for kids must be intuitive enough to be operated by the age range of the child user. Look out for quick buttons, accessories like remote controls, and the possibility of controlling via a mobile app. Depending on the child’s prowess with gadgets, the camera buttons and LCD screen controls must at least be easy to navigate.

F. A. Q

GoPro cameras aren’t designed specifically for kids, but most Hero action cameras can be used by kids as they are compact and easy to use. Apart from GoPro Heros, some other action camera brands make cameras specifically designed for children.

GoPro cameras for kids often are waterproof. Each model has a designated distance it can go underwater, so be sure to make your child aware of this. Otherwise, the GoPro device can be used with a protective case to make it more waterproof.


With all said, it’s obvious that GoPro cameras have a lot to offer for kid users; they are simple, compact, and powerful gadgets. The only dilemma plaguing parents and guardians is choosing the best option for their kid.

If push comes to shove, we recommend the GoPro Hero 9 Black as the top kid GoPro device. It’s easy to navigate, packs impressive video and image quality, and is very durable, perfect for the kind of handling from children.

Which GoPro version do your kids own? And how well do they enjoy using the gadget? Let’s get talking in the comments.


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