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Sometimes couples get caught up in making their special day as memorable as possible; they end up not having as much fun as their guests. However, a wedding video will give them a chance to relive their unforgettable moments amidst the cheers and coos from their family and friends. Wedding videographers are a crucial part of the wedding and must create emotional and beautiful videos that will forever be cherished. Therefore choosing the best camera ideal for video needs is a priority for wedding creatives. The concise review of the best camera for wedding videography in this article will guide you on how to choose the best camera for your wedding video projects.

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Canon EOS R6Fujifilm X-T30 IISony a7R IVNikon D780Panasonic Lumix GH6

Best Overall - Editor's Choice

Best Budget Camera for Wedding Videography

Best Mirrorless Camera for Wedding Videography

Best DSLR Camera for Wedding Videography

Best Camera for Low-light Wedding Videography

Canon EOS R6

Fujifilm X-T30 II

Sony a7R IV

Nikon D780

Panasonic Lumix GH6

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Our Review of the 5 Best-rated Cameras for Wedding Videography in 2022

Best Overall - Editor's Choice - Canon EOS R6

    • It is designed with a CMOS sensor that produces videos with outstanding clarity.
    • It features a 5-axis IBIS with up to 8 correction stops to shoot in locations with a limited light supply.
    • It uses an advanced DIGIC X image processor to capture 4k videos at high speed, which is highly efficient.

Coming first on our list of the best camera for wedding videography is the remarkable hybrid canon EOS R6 camera. This camera by Canon sports unique features that help you produce the dreamy and cinematic wedding videos you desire. And the best part is that the model can be used easily by anyone, be it beginners or pro-videographers.

The first alluring feature of the Canon EOS R6 is the high-speed and precise AF system. The CMOS autofocus is excellent and provides 100% image coverage. With 4k resolution being the standard for videos, this model offers 4k recording at 60fps in a full frame. In addition, the camera is designed with an advanced image processing technology – DIGIC X, which enables detailed shooting with minimal digital noise.

Undoubtedly, this model was designed with the best interest of videographers at heart. Canon designed it with in-body image stabilization with up to 8 correction stops for steady and clean images. Not only that, the camera sensor at 20MP produces video with top-notch quality with zero fringing. 

Another notable quality of this camera is the vari-angle LCD screen. You can simply shoot over their heads during wedding dances, where filmmakers may encounter difficulty getting the best footage. The AF system will surely do an excellent focusing job as you get impressive dance shots. Additionally, the camera has an extended battery life, making shooting long wedding ceremonies easier.

Best Budget Camera for Wedding Videography - Fujifilm X-T30 II

    • It is designed with a Quad-core X processor 4 that delivers high image quality.
    • The camera’s body is compact and can be used for hand-held video shooting.
    • The LCD is tiltable and has a touchscreen that allows easy access to functions, saving time and energy.

Suppose you are looking for a camera for low-budget wedding videography. Here’s a camera for you – Fujifilm X-T30 II. The X-T30 indeed sports many powerful performances and features in a compact body for a relatively fair price. 

In the class of sound autofocusing systems, X-T30 II is in the top category. With advanced tech and phase detection, it achieves the best AF with accurate speed, with which emotional moments are captured to spice up the wedding video. It is also built with a unique eye and face detection tech, which allows you to record guests’ reactions to memorable moments like ‘the unveiling of the bride’ or ‘couple’s first dance.’ 

Fujifilm designed this camera with a 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 image sensor that delivers high-end subject image quality. Not only that, as an upgrade of its predecessor, the model has a pro-processor that processes images three times better and more accurately. In addition, the back-illuminated body further strengthens this model to gather light in poorly-lit wedding locations.

Also worthy of mention is the remarkable video feature the X-T30 offers. It can capture 4k video recording at 30p and 1080p up to 120p at high speed. In addition, the ETERNA stimulation mode of this camera will help you reproduce colors to give lifelike color to your subject.

Best Mirrorless Camera for Wedding Videography - Sony a7R IV

    • It has a world-class 61 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor for recording every detail about the subject and location.
    • 4k video recording is possible at up to 30fps.
    • It has up to 5.5 axes of in-built image stabilization to control the level of distortion and fringe.

Despite being the newest addition to the Sony a7R camera series, the Sony a7R IV has won videographers over with its world-class resolution, and it’s considered the best mirrorless camera for wedding videography. You may wonder if this model is worth the hype? Yes, it is, and here’s why.

The first enticing quality of the model is the 61 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor which offers unprecedented high resolution with lifelike clarity. With 61 MP, the Sony a7R IV allows you to capture even the tiniest of details like the pieces of jewelry on the bride’s gown or the teary eye of the groom as he beholds his bride. Also, with an ISO range of 50 – 102,400, the camera can brighten footage shot in dark church or hall settings.

Apart from the high-resolution power, this model is also incredible for its AF system. The BIONZ X processor from Sony allows it to shoot and process images faster, up to 10 fps. In addition, it has an impressive eye AF detection which records different emotional facial expressions during the celebration of love. 

Also on board is the lock-on AF tech that can capture fast-moving actions during filming. Therefore, you can record dancing during the celebration and ensure there’s no blur about your subjects. Not only that, but with a 5.5-axis image stabilization stops, this model promises crisp, clear images.

If you are all about creating moments in the most captivating way, this camera will not disappoint. Videos can be recorded at 1080p at 120 fps; this high speed, in turn, allows slow-mo recording. With this feature, you can cover the couple’s first kiss in slow motion.

Best DSLR Camera for Wedding Videography - Nikon D780

    • The sensor is back-lit with a 24.5 MP for producing top image quality.
    • It is designed with an Expeed 6 image processor, which processes images faster and better.
    • Eye detection AF system for candid wedding video shooting.

For wedding videographers who favor shooting with DSLR cameras and are looking to up their game, the Nikon D780 is one of the best DSLR cameras for wedding Videography that promises jaw-dropping features. Get ready to be impressed. 

It is believed that DSLRs offer a slow live view AF system. However, the Nikon D780 made an exception for this case thanks to Nikon innovations. The first Nikon camera uses a focal-plane phase-detection technology, significantly improving live viewing in DSLRs. 

It may be challenging to pick actions as fast as possible during wedding moments, such as on dance floors, especially in dark conditions. This best DSLR camera for wedding videography will make recording those occasions easy peasy for you. Not only that, with up to 273 phase points, the camera is capable of accurate real-life focusing and tracking of subjects. 

One unique feature of this camera is the EXPEED 6 image processor. This singular feature processes images fast, and it is the secret behind the stunning quality touch the camera adds to your wedding video footage. With an even tone and wonderful color mix, your artistic talent will be seen and appreciated in work done. Additionally, at 24.5 MP, this model can record 4k videos at 12fps while producing stunning images.

Best Camera for Low-light Wedding Videography - Panasonic Lumix GH6

    • Spectacular for shooting low-light wedding videos with 5-axis IS up to 7.5 correction stops.
    • The function setting is user-friendly for easy access during shoots.
    • The body is built to dissipate heat; hence, it can record videos for a long time without heating up.

Here’s the last but not the least on our list of the best cameras for wedding videography, the Panasonic Lumix GH6. This camera promises remarkable features to help you create fantastic wedding videos while giving you the freedom to record videos without limit. 

It offers 4k and 5.7k video recording at 60p and 120p for slow motion. In addition, the camera’s body is built to dissipate heat efficiently; therefore, you get to record long wedding memories without the model overheating. 

The high-speed Depth-from-defocus (DFD) and autofocus ensure the camera can pick up your couple’s and guest reactions from the background in a short time, and there is also the continuous focus stability that is important when shooting wedding videos.

When it comes to getting the best image quality, you can count on the Lumix GH6 as it offers dual 5-axes image stabilization with up to 7.5 correction stops. This camera will come in handy if you shoot in wedding locations where you are predisposed to bumps and shakiness.

While choosing the best camera for wedding videography, you should consider the camera’s image stabilization tech. Unnecessary blurs about the subjects are displeasing and do not rate you well as a videographer.

Choosing the best camera for wedding videography in 2022: Factors to consider!

The best cameras for wedding videography are usually those with a fast AF system that can capture moments as quickly as possible and shoot during low light conditions in the church or wedding hall. However, some equally important camera specs will help you produce the best wedding videos.

Below are the factors to consider before choosing the best camera for  wedding videography:

  • Camera’s Sensor

Before using a camera for wedding videography, you must carefully consider this primary feature. Basically, the sensor is the part that allows light into the camera and converts it into image formation. 

However, the image formed is greatly influenced by the sensor’s size, resolution, and ISO performance. With bigger sensor sizes and ISO capabilities, cameras produce high-end image quality, especially in dimly-light wedding halls or churches. 

Most cameras are designed with different sensors, such as full-frame or crop sensors. Full-frame sensors create images with impressive resolution and work perfectly in any lighting condition, from high to low. On the other hand, the crop sensor allows you to zoom without distortion. Not only that, they are relatively affordable and compact.

  • Lens

Most wedding videographers use fast lenses, which help them get the best out of the wedding. Not only that, lenses further improve the quality of the camera’s sensor. 

Lens variants like f1.2, f1.4, or f2.8 have wider apertures and can brighten your footage with a limited supply of light. Consider the camera’s compatibility with different lenses and how they will meet your video project needs.

  • Auto Focus

Autofocusing is all about how clear and sharp your image quality will be. Hence, a camera with a sound AF system will save you from stress and help you display your creativity in the job done.

Over time, many camera brands have upgraded the autofocus tech to serve you better. Great techs like the eye detection AF or lock-on AF provide you the freedom to capture the subject’s reaction and facial expression in your video.

Memorable moments can happen at any time during the ceremony. It will be a big shame to miss them. So, you need a camera with fast autofocus that will help you capture every moment as they happen.

  • Image stabilization

Just as required in any video production, image stabilization is critical. If the couples aim for unclear and blurry video footage, they won’t have to hire a videographer but instead use one of their family to get the job done.

Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to ensure you choose a camera with good image stabilization capability. Cameras with up to 5-axis image stabilization features can correct distortion in image qualities due to camera shakiness and produce a steadier video. (1)

  • Ergonomics

Shooting wedding videos, especially handheld with a bulky camera, takes out the fun. Getting the job well done is enough stress, and you do not want to add a strained arm to the list. Therefore, before jumping at a camera, you should consider the weight, whether compact or heavy.

Mirrorless cameras have the edge of being lightweight and compact over DLSRs. However, some modern DSLRs like the Nikon 780 are not as bulky. Be sure your camera checks ergonomics before choosing one for your wedding videography.

F. A. Q

Yes, Mirrorless cameras are suitable for wedding videography. Generally, they are small and lightweight, give incredible video quality, and offer silent shutter mode during serene wedding moments.

A high MP does not necessarily equal a better camera. However, a high MP lets you zoom in and crop images successfully without distortion.


Choosing the best camera for wedding videography is not a decision that should be made in a hurry. You should carefully consider the camera’s features and how they can help you express your creativity in video production.

Our compiled list of cameras has outstanding features that give remarkable results; however, the Canon EOS R6 is our overall best and comes highly recommended. The camera sports an advanced image processor that gives you the freedom to capture dreamy moments in 4k resolution. In addition, with a sound IBIS tech, the camera can be used hand-held, allowing you to navigate through locations quickly to get the best footage.

Which of these cameras will you try out for your next wedding video project? And tell us why in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.


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