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There are moments that people wish they could go back to in their lives, and the regret is only more evident when such moments aren’t recorded. Imagine being able to perform a board trick that has been lost for a long time, but unluckily, it wasn’t documented. So the other problem that goes in line with this is, how do you get the best camera for filming skateboarding?

This read offers the top 5 options regarding the best cameras for recording skateboarding, from action cams to DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and camcorders. In addition, the piece offers an extra section for users to understand factors that should be considered when choosing their camera, as well as valuable tips in skateboard video making.

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GoPro Hero 9 BlackNikon D850 FX-FormatCanon VIXIA HF R700Sony Alpha A6100Akaso EK7000 Pro

Best overall - Editor’s choice

Best DSLR Camera For Skateboarding

Best Camcorder for Skateboarding

Best Mirrorless Camera for Skateboarding

Best Affordable Camera for Skateboarding

GoPro Hero 9 Black

Nikon D850 FX-Format

Canon VIXIA HF R700

Sony Alpha A6100

Akaso EK7000 Pro

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Our Review of the Top 5 Cameras for Skateboarding in 2022

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice - GoPro Hero 9 Black

    • Hyper smooth 3.0 video stabilization for optimized handling and reducing camera shake in the video.
    • It has specialized video modes that allow better creativity in video making.
    • It comes with a 23.6MP sensor alongside a 5k video recording.

Coming at the top of our list of the best cameras for filming skateboarding is the GoPro Hero 9 Black. A significant upgrade on the Hero8, this action cam comes with all the features required to make an excellent skateboarding video. Plus, it is especially suited to the sport because of its compactness and shock-resistance durability.

Featuring a 23.6MP CMOS sensor, image quality goes as far as 20MP, with video quality reaching 5k30 resolution, even during zoom. Furthermore, to create a better filming experience, the Hero9 Black is filled with an array of specialized video modes like the time warp mode, 8x slo-mo, horizon leveling, voice control, night lapse, webcam mode, etc. that allows a user to enjoy personalized usage.

Another feature of note on this compact action camera is its proprietary Hindsight power tool. When activated, this feature self-records 30 seconds of footage before the shutter is pressed. With this feature, it no longer matters that you were unable to capture a scene on time or not, as it’s already pre-recorded.

Best DSLR Camera For Skateboarding - Nikon D850 FX-Format

    • Multi-CAM 20k autofocus system reaching -4 EV excellent for working in low-light scenarios.
    • 4k UHD and full HD 1080p video recording capabilities.
    • It has a tilting LCD screen, allowing the user to capture videos from all angles.

For the professional videographer and fans of DSLR, the Nikon D850 is one of the best cameras for filming skateboarding available on the market. This professional skateboarding camera comes with a 47.5MP BSI CMOS sensor that delivers superior video quality and enhances shot creativity. Although a bit pricey, the camera more than makes up for its price with its features and technology.

With skateboarding being an action sport, it requires a fast-paced camera that can capture specifics while focusing on the individual. Combining the Multi-CAM 20k system and a dedicated AF engine, the camera effectively follows and captures moving subjects, even when FPS is at the highest.

The Nikon D350 also allows a two-way connection between the camera and a mobile device. With the help of the in-built SnapBridge app, files can be transferred through Bluetooth and wifi, while you can also use the mobile device to activate the camera remotely. And to top it all off, the camera is dust and weather-sealed, enhancing durability and use in unfavorable weather.

Best Camcorder for Skateboarding - Canon VIXIA HF R700

    • 57x advanced zoom for close-up shots of tricks and stunts.
    • Four SuperRange optical image stabilizer modes for high video quality.
    • Specialized highlight priority mode is adept for recording in extra-bright conditions.

During video making, people wish they were either closer to their subject or had used a camera with a better zoom; the Canon VIXIA HF R700 is one of the best cameras for skateboarding that solves that problem. Featuring a 3.28MP Full HD CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor, the camera is adept at shooting clear-cut high-quality videos up to 1080/60p.

Its 32x optical zoom is excellent for long-distance filming, with the option to go as high as 57x for advanced zoom (32.5mm – 1835mm). In addition, the camera comes with different image stabilization modes that ensure that picture quality is constant across the entire zoom range while reducing micro jiggles resulting from camera shakes during handheld shooting.

The HF R700 is a user-friendly camera; it features an intuitive LCD screen, easy-to-navigate controls, specialized video modes, and a framing assistance function that helps a user keep the subject in focus, especially when at the far end of the zoom. 

Best Mirrorless Camera for Skateboarding - Sony Alpha A6100

    • Incredibly fast Real-time Eye and hybrid AF tracking perpetually keep the subject in focus.
    • UHD 4k resolution video quality recording.
    • A tiltable LCD monitor makes recording easier for selfie, low, and high-angle videos.

The Sony Alpha A6100 is a prime everyday camera that has proven itself over time to be one of the best mirrorless cameras for filming skateboarding. Featuring a 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor and a BIONZ X image processor, the camera delivers high-quality videos reaching 4k30 resolution. In addition, video recording is possible in multiple frame rates from 30fps for UHD 4k to 120fps for full HD 1080p, with 4x and 5x slow & quick motion.

Another notable feature of the Sony Alpha A6100 is its autofocusing technology. Known for its tracking ability, the camera uses a 425 points 4D FOCUS system to achieve pinpoint focusing in as little as 0.02 seconds. Incredibly fast, the hybrid system is equipped with real-time eye tracking and lock-on AF that keeps a subject in focus.

The camera’s LCD touchscreen further complements the AF feature. Apart from the 3-inch screen being flippable, it also allows touch focus control. It lets users choose their point of focus from the screen, even when shooting at tight angles.

Using a camera with an interchangeable lens is best when filming skateboarding because there might be shot types that’ll require a different lens from the one in use.

Best Affordable Camera for Skateboarding - Akaso EK7000 Pro

    • Unique video modes for customized user experience and creative recording.
    • Compatible connection with mobile devices and remote control.
    • It comes with multiple mounts that allow easier filming during live sessions.

If you’re in the market for the best cheap camera for skateboarding, try this compact action camera from the stables of Akaso. Akaso is fast becoming a household name for extreme sports cameras in the low budget range, and they did not disappoint with the EK7000 Pro. Featuring a high-quality design, video resolution goes as high as 4k UHD at 30fps.

Complementing the resolution is an Electronic Image Stabilization system that boosts video quality by enhancing clarity and camera blur reduction. In addition, the camera offers specialized video modes like live burst, time-lapse, loop recording, etc., for an improved and more effective filming session.

Despite being cheap, the EK7000 Pro does not skimp on accessories. The camera comes equipped with different mounts that ease handling, for example, helmet, handlebar, dash, etc. Coupling this with the remote control feature, wifi connectivity, long battery life, waterproof casing, and other features, the camera is an investment that comes at a sweet bargain.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Skateboarding Camera

The vital factors to consider when you aim to purchase the best camera for skateboarding are compact size, high video quality and resolution, excellent image stabilization to make up for the action sports, video modes that help creativity, and fair pricing. Therefore, learning about essential camera features is crucial to filming a good skateboarding video (1).

It is not enough to get the best cheap camera for skateboarding or maybe even the most expensive. What the camera needs to offer is an appropriate value for the money spent; and to achieve this, here are some of the factors to keep in mind when shopping:

  • Size

The camera should be a handy, lightweight model that can follow the board’s movement easily, especially if the skater does the recording.

  • Video Quality

Image and video quality are vital to any camera, while frame rate and resolution are vital to clarity and accuracy. Therefore, choosing a camera with superior video quality features will significantly benefit a user’s video-making process. 

  • Durability

Sports cameras are often subjected to harsh weather and filming conditions, so an ideal skateboarding camera should be weather-sealed and possibly shock-resistant, especially during an event.

  • Connectivity

This particular condition can be via app connections, wifi, HDMI cables, or wireless transmitters. It ensures that your data can be transferred from the camera to another device for safekeeping or streaming and sometimes remote access to the camera.

  • Stabilization

Video and image stabilization (2) are extremely important in fast-paced action sports like skateboarding. Not only does the camera need to follow the action, but it also has to be perfectly recorded without blurs and jiggles. Cameras with stabilization features help smoothen the filming process by reducing shakes and increasing video clarity. 

  • Price

Price has always been a constant for any purchase, as buying depends on a user’s budget. The trick is finding the right balance between the cost of the camera and the value offered. Another point to note is its intended use; if it’s for a professional, then the extra cost might be worth it, while a hobbyist can afford just to get something that gets the job done with the barest minimum.

When filming skateboarding videos, endeavor to stay off the path to avoid collision as this can lead to equipment damage and body injuries.

  • Specialized Video Modes

Modes like loop recording, time-lapse, night-lapse, burst, etc., encourage users to get creative and inventive with filming. The individual can focus on other aspects of shooting since the camera is already running the stressful parts.

Camera Accessories in Skateboarding

Skateboard filming requires camera accessories to improve the video stabilization and overall video quality, which includes mounts, tripods, gimbals, external microphones, and storage devices. But, then, you also need gears to protect your camera and lenses when filming in extreme sports conditions like a weather-sealed case. 

You need these accessories whether you’re self-recording or when someone else is filming you. So, here are equipment and devices that will make recording your skateboarding videos easier:

  • Mounts

For self-filming, board, handlebar mounts, and helmet mounts are a great help for setting up the camera as they ease handling and maneuverability for the user.

  • Tripods/Gimbals

Tripods and gimbals are excellent for improving camera stability and keeping the subject in focus.

  • External Mic

Even though cameras come equipped with internal mics, external mics help pick up more sound over a farther distance with less pollution.

  • Weather-sealed Cases

This accessory helps film skateboarding in harsh weather and protects the camera from the water splash, strong wind, rainfall, snowing, and other extreme weather conditions.

  • Storage Devices

These include SD cards, SDHC cards, and SDXC cards for enhancing video storage capabilities.

F. A. Q

You can use fisheye lenses for skateboard filming. They are the most used type of lens for skateboard filming as they can capture angles up to 180 degrees and create special optical effects where everything seems to be bigger than it is.

GoPro is better than Akaso for skateboard filming as they offer better video resolution, image stabilization, connectivity, and specialized video modes. However, Akaso cameras are cheaper than GoPro. So even though both devices have excellent features, we can just say they attend to different buyer personas.


Doing things right elicits a sweet feeling in people, same as when you perfectly capture a skateboarding moment. However, you can ruin even this if one does not use the best cameras available for skateboarding.

Our recommended pick for this article is the GoPro Hero 9 Black. It’s an action camera specifically made for fast-paced shooting; it checks all the boxes of a top-notch skateboarding camera and is also very durable. You can use it for far-off filming or on-person filming.

What are the tricks you use to shoot amazing skateboarding videos? We’d love to hear from you; why don’t you chat us up via the comments section below?


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