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Anna Chiranova - The Founder and Videographer

Anna Chiranova

Anna Chiranova is the Founder and Videographer in Charge at UcanProduction. As a video production expert, she controls all of the stages involved in producing a professional video. So, she prefers facing each job with a hands-on approach; she’s meticulous with her process and she ensures that only the best results are produced. Over the last 2 years, various clients have trusted Anna with their video shoot; she has recorded over 200 videos with more than 60 completed projects.

As a seasoned videographer, Anna is well versed when it comes to video equipment and what to work with in each situation. This cuts across camera choice, lenses, stabilization gears, and other video making accessories. She knows exactly which combination to use for each type of video, whether wedding shoot, music video, or a short film.

What makes Anna stand out with her clients is her knack for creative storytelling. Anna won’t just make a video for you, she finds the best way to tell people’s stories in a way they won’t readily forget. While on set, she seeks out the ideal spots to film, the angles that show the emotions best, and she follows a shot list that keeps the viewer glued till the end.

Being a trained professional, Anna understands and appreciates the value of hardwork, a feat that has endeared clients to her. She delivers top quality content and on schedule. It’s no wonder that most of her clients come back to work with her.


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